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Police warn about increasing number of fake offers, discounts and promotions

Update 4 October: Police say that these sort of fake offers, discounts and promotions are increasing, with the latest supposedly from Zara, H&M and IKEA. Naturally many will automatically assume they’re suspect, but for anyone in doubt, police advise deleting them, and certainly not opening or answering them. Original post 19 August: A fake Mercadona “offer” has now gone viral. I heard about it some time ago but thought it was a…

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Guardia Civil officers save life of swimmer off Candelaria

Two Guardia Civil officers saved the life of a 24-year-old Candelaria man shortly after midnight last night after he got into difficulties in the water near the Basilica. Police say that emergency services received reports that the bather was in trouble and it was a Guardia Civil patrol who got to the spot first. They found the man struggling some 100m out to sea and one of the pair, a strong…

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Unemployment figures 2015

Update 2 October: The Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social has released September’s unemployment figures and again they show a drop for the Canaries, with 336 fewer out of work (-0.14%) compared with August, and in interannual terms, 24,324 fewer than September 2014 (-9.12%). There are now 242,313 registered unemployed in these islands. Although the figures have gone down for the region, the situation is slightly more complicated at provincial level, with the western…

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IGTM 2015: international golf’s most important trade fair showcasing Tenerife as a leading European golf destination

Update 2 October 2015: The world’s premier global event for golf tourism suppliers, buyers and media is about to descend on Tenerife, providing a staggering worldwide platform for the island to showcase its development as one of Europe’s leading golf tourism destinations. The 2015 edition of IGTM takes place at The Magma Conference Centre in Tenerife from 5-8 October, and will highlight the importance of golf tourism in the region. This…

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Tenerife public works projects fall victim to regional Government’s lack of funds

Money’s tight. Despite the “recovery”, the Canarian Government doesn’t have the funds for a whole raft of projects, some of which have already cost millions to draw up, e.g. the southern train project (link). Regional public projects minister Ornella Chacón has told a parliamentary committee that the money just isn’t there, and that the train would not get regional funding, nor, at least at present, could the final section of the TF1 extension…

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Elderly Italian swimmer drowns at Las Galletas

A 71-year-old Italian woman drowned on Wednesday while swimming at Las Galletas. Her body was spotted floating in the sea around 4.30pm by the occupants of a boat, who took her into to Las Galletas harbour where she was delivered to the judicial authorities. An autopsy is being carried out.

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Meteor showers in the Canaries in 2015

Update 1 October: Two meteor showers this month, the Draconids and Orionids. The first appear to originate at the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon in the northern sky, and will be visible in the evening rather than in the night. The Draconids are not known as a major shower, but there can be odd spectacular years and this year there’s a crescent moon over the peak on 8 and 9 October…

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“Craft Mornings” in Silencio’s Tenerife Family Church

Tenerife Family Church has been running a “craft mornings” group for a couple of years and has held craft fairs every year. They paint, make cards and jewellery, zentangle, parchment craft and many more crafts, learn from each other and make new friends, The Church says that all are welcome. The group meets from next Wednesday, 7 October, and then the first Wednesday of every month, between 11am and 2pm.

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New driving and road legislation approved

Update 30 September 2015: This law has been in place for a year and a half now, but according to an amendment made in July this year, from tomorrow the child car seat provisions have been tightened still further. From tomorrow, 1 October, children under three years of age or any child under 135cm tall regardless of age must be seated in the rear in a child car seat; those between three and twelve…

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