Spain avoids third general election as socialists finally accept minority opposition Government

Updated 24 October: PSOE delegates have voted not to continue to oppose Mariano Rajoy’s attempt to form a minority Government. The Socialists’ abstention will end a ten-month gridlock in Spanish politics, and avoid a third general election. The decision is not without dissent in the PSOE. Party caretaker leader Javier Fernández says that the decision is the lesser of two evils, and that continued opposition to a PP minority Government would end with the…

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Winter 2016-17 season weather

Updated 24 October: The Canarian Government’s education department has confirmed that schools have not been closed because of the weather, and that the “announcement” seen by many people on social media, supposedly from Economia, Hacienda and Seguridad, claiming that they are shut is a hoax. Naturally, any genuine announcement would come from the Consejería de Educación, not the economy department, and the only official announcement is that schools are open. Updated 23 October: As forecast, the first…

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Woman nearly drowns in Puerto de la Cruz as sea conditions worsen

Emergency services say that a woman came dangerously close to drowning shortly after 9.30 this morning at Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz. She was rescued by helicopter and resuscitated by paramedics before being flown to HUC, where she is said to be in serious condition, but alive. Four other people who tried to rescue her also got into difficulties and needed medical assistance: they were transferred to Hospiten Bellevue but…

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XIV Subida Arona – La Escalona

Updated 21 October: Arona Ayuntamiento has issued a reminder to drivers that the TF-51 Arona to La Escalona road will be closed to traffic between 7.30am and 6pm tomorrow for the rally. The council says that access to Vilaflor will be via El Frontón, El Roque, Granadilla de Abona and Guía de Isora. Updated 20 October: The Italian contingent is here! Arona Ayuntamiento has been revelling in the arrival of European motor racing champion…

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Meteor showers in the Canaries in 2016

Updated 21 October: Tonight, or at least just before dawn tomorrow morning, will be the peak of the Orionids meteor shower. Astronomers say that there’ll be a bit too much moonlight for optimum viewing but all the same, this shower’s meteors leave persistent trains so they should provide good viewing. They also sometimes produce bright fireballs, so can be seen to flame in the sky. The radiant point is just above…

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Celebrating the “medianías” – arts & craft and gastronomy fair in Vilaflor

I mention the medianías quite a lot, most often in weather reports where some phenomenon, whether calima, temperatures rising or falling, or winds, will be especially notable. The word means “middle section”, and the area comprises the part of Tenerife that is over 600m above sea level and under 1,500 … so all the county towns and mountain villages, essentially. There is also an association in south Tenerife – the Chasna-Isora Association,…

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FCO, CrimeStoppers and Spanish authorities seek Britain’s most wanted fugitives

The Foreign Office has announced a new Operation Captura in collaboration with the National Crime Agency, CrimeStoppers, and the Spanish authorities. Ten more of the most wanted British fugitives believed to be hiding in Spain’s ex-pat communities have been identified and published, with photos, HERE. Information received by Crimestoppers will help to locate the fugitives on the Operation Captura list. For people in Spain wishing to pass on information anonymously there is a dedicated…

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Carrying a notarized copy of a passport is the same as carrying the original

Since the question has arisen over the passport theft post earlier today, it’s worth mentioning once again that we have to carry an original ID document with us at all times.   Spain’s Citizen Security law (aka the gag law) does not require this to be a passport: it allows for the ID to be an EU driver’s photo licence instead. Spanish police say, however, that although this is the…

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Think twice when leaving your passport in your car

L-R: Jose Vera Hernandez, CICAR coordinator for Tenerife; Helen Keating, British Vice Consul, Tenerife; Angeles Cabrera, co-owner of CICAR; Charmaine Arbouin, Consul for Andalucia, Canary Islands, Ceuta & Melilla; Alberto Bernabe, Tourism Advisor (Consejero de Turismo) of Cabildo de Tenerife; Esther Martin, British Vice Consul, Las Palmas; Sergio Millanes Vaquero, Los Rodeos Airport Director. Photo: British Consulate. Car break-ins are the third biggest cause of UK passport theft in the Canary Islands and 91% of victims are tourists,…

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