Can you help find this missing man?

Police and emergency services are searching for an El Tanque man who has been missing since 3pm yesterday afternoon. His name is Jesús, and he is said to be in a confused mental state. He is likely to be in the Santiago del Teide general area. Any information please call the police.

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Motorcyclist killed in collision at Guaza junction of TF1

A 60-year-old motorcyclist died around 5.30am this morning in a collision with a car at the Guaza junction of the TF1. Emergency services were called out with reports of the accident but the man’s injuries were so great that nothing could be done to save his life. Unconfirmed reports say that the two women in the car involved were also injured, one seriously.

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presentation boceto 2016

La Orotava Corpus Christi carpet displays

Presentation of the design of the main carpet for La Orotava Corpus Christi 2016. Photo: La Orotava Ayuntamiento. Updated 28 May: Just a reminder that perhaps the most famous Corpus Christi carpet display is going to be open to the public from Tuesday. As can be seen from the live webcam HERE, the work is almost complete ready to be unveiled. Updated 18 May: The construction of the carpet is well underway…

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baile magos

Canarian celebrations in Adeje this weekend

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced a weekend full of different cultural and gastronomic activities to celebrate the special fiestas that fall over the coming days. This includes the traditional salt carpets of Corpus Christi and the Canarian ball to celebrate 30 May, Canarian Day. The weekend activities begin this Saturday from 5pm with the making of the Corpus Christi carpets.  This year there is a change and there will…

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brexit event

EU referendum (Brexit/Bremain) information day in Adeje 24 May

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento. Myself, José Escobedo, Deputy Adeje mayor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, and Paul Montague. Updated 3pm: Here is Adeje English Time’s Clio O’Flynn’s report on the event:  Fears addressed at Adeje Brexit/Bremain conference Over 120 people attended the recent Brexit/Bremain conference held in the Adeje Cultural Centre, with questions ranging from issues about pensions to health care provisions and questions surrounding possible financial implications to businesses and exchange rates…

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Fenautica 2016 in Las Galletas

Photo: Tenerife Cabibldo Updated 25 May: With Fenautica 2016 coming up, the Tenerife Cabildo says that the boat Peter Pan will offer a “ferry” service for tourists and locals from the port of Los Cristianos to Marina del Sur for €4 one way for adults and €2 one way for children under 12. Details are on the poster immediately below. Some 7,000 visited Fenáutica 2015, the Cabildo says, and the event will once again…

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missing woman (665 x 607)

British woman no longer missing after being spotted in Los Gigantes bar

Updated 25 May: Sources say that at last Anne is back in the UK with her family. Hopefully this will be the end of her worrying ordeal, and she will now get the help she needs. Updated 23 May: Sources say that friends and family have been contacted by the British consulate who have now removed this woman from the missing list. Seemingly she was seen in a bar in Los Gigantes, and Candelaria hospital has…

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Santa Cruz food fair – Salon Gastronómico de Canarias 2016

Updated 24 May: The third Salon Gastronómico de Canarias starts today, and the programme of events being held over the three days in the various areas in the Recinto Ferial is HERE. This is in addition of course to all the foodie stands that will fill the hall. Everyone who has gone to one of these has said they are fantastic experiences, and I’m sure the same will be true this year. Original post 28 March:…

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Clean bill of health for Pirámide de Arona

Update 24 May: The building has been given the all clear in a report compiled by technical architects. The issues were related to renovation works being carried out to the false ceiling and ducting above it, but advantage was taken of the works to conduct detailed inspections of the main concrete roof, which is now some 20 years old. This, the report says, not only complies with regulations but is in good condition,…

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