Blevins Franks

Blevins Franks’ Guide to taxes in Spain

  Blevins Franks has issued an 2015 updated tax guide: as before it is specifically aimed at people with financial interests in, or who are resident in, Spain. Click HERE to read it.

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Clavijo, Alonso & Kiessling estrenan Singha

Siam Park’s new Singha ride – the fastest water toboggan anywhere

Just a week ago it was voted the best water park in the world (link), and now Siam Park is even better with the unveiling of the new attraction – the Singha Experience – a water-propelled toboggan ride in a three-person raft. The ride can reach a speed of 6m per second with a drop of 18m per second, a speed that Siam Park says is a first in water park…

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feria artesania recinto ferial diciembre 2015

XXX1 Feria de Artesanía de Canarias 2015

photo: Artesanía de Tenerife Every year shortly before Christmas, the Canarian Government organizes a Regional Arts & Crafts Fair. Last year’s was held in Gran Canaria, and this year’s will be in the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz between 3 and 6 December. There are normally around 150 or so arts and crafts stalls offering all kinds of traditional products, from food to jewellery, from leatherwork to lace, and from woodwork…

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teno road

TF445 Punta de Teno road reopened at long last

photos: Tenerife Cabildo The Tenerife Cabildo has reopened the TF445 to Punta de Teno. As of this afternoon, the road is again open to traffic after technicians gave the go-ahead following extensive and extended works. Tenerife president Carlos Alonso thanked local residents and workers for their patience and said that the main objective was safety. The risk of rockfalls, which were a frquent danger, is estimated to have been reduced from 70% to…

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Shhhh … new Citizens Security Law will fine insult or abuse against Spain and its “officials”

Update 27 July: One of the first official actions against a member of the public under the new gag law has been initiated in Tenerife. Eduardo Díaz Coello of Güímar is set to become the first person in Spain to become the first victim of the law, which came into effect on the first of this month, for a remark on the Güímar mayor’s Facebook page labelling the local police as “skivers”. Any defence…

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carmen puerto cruz (800 x 352)

Tenerife’s summer fiesta season is back with the return of the Virgen del Carmen

photo: Tenerife Turismo Update 27 July: La Caleta’s (Adeje) Virgen del Carmen fiesta will start this Wednesday, 29 July, and last until Sunday, 9 August. The fiesta incorporates the La Caleta Bay swim on Saturday 1 August (link), and the main fiesta days are Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 August. On the Saturday, there will be a religious service and procession from 9pm followed by fireworks around 10pm and music and dancing from…

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titsa nueva red sur

Titsa’s new southern bus network in operation from today

Titsa (Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife) has redesigned its entire southern bus network and the new system will run throughout south Tenerife from today. The Cabildo-owned private company says that after thirty years it is high time that south Tenerife’s development is recognized by services adapted to its needs, and that the new network, designed over the past two years in collaboration with southern municipalities, will be more logical and comprehensible, offering better links and more…

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99% reduction on Succession and Gift tax announced by regional government

As I explain HERE, in 2008 the Canarian government granted tax residents a 99.9% reduction in the tax rate for inheritance between close relatives (parents, children, spouses and family partners). This brought the Canaries into line with some other parts of Spain – inheritance tax has national rules but there are regional variations in application, and the granting of such discounts is one that the regions can make their own…

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Meteor showers in the Canaries in 2015

Update 23 July: Two meteor showers are coming up over the next few weeks. First, the Delta Aquarids next week, peaking on Tuesday and Wednesday, though the southern hemisphere usually has a better view of them. This year, too, the main part of the shower will be under a full moon, reducing visibility further. In fact, this coming full moon will be a blue moon … a second full moon in a…

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