Starmus III 2016

Updated 29 June: I’ve updated the page HERE with Day Two’s papers. Updated 28 June: Starmus 2016 opened yesterday to a full Pirámide de Arona auditorium, with the audience keenly anticipating an opening day packed with fascinating talks from a range of speakers including world-famous figures and Nobel prize winners. Opening the whole festival, Garik Israelian said that over 1,000 delegates were attending, and that whatever the future held for Starmus as a festival, this one…

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Demolition works on collapsed Los Cristianos building finish as evacuated residents return home

Photo: Javier Feo. Updated 28 June: Arona Ayuntamiento has told the 33 evacuated families that they can return to their homes from 3pm today. Demolition works will also finish today, and the two streets closed to traffic will open again to traffic and pedestrians. The council says that its technical evaluations show that the adjoining properties are completely safe. For the time being, a perimeter fence will remain in place around the excavated…

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chirche traditions

Chirche Day of traditions 8-10 July

Guía de Isora has announced the XVI edition of its Day of Traditions, held in Chirche not on one day this year, but over a weekend, Friday to Sunday, 8-10 July. There will be a huge range of demonstrations and exhibitions in the village’s courtyards, houses, streets and square, including wheat toasting, openwork, needlework, dance with singing groups “parrandas”, ironing, coffee roasting, basketry, “bofio” grinding, healer, kneaded and baked bread, wine pressing,…

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Canarian Government ends forest fire alert

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. Updated 28 June: In line with the Canarian Government ending its forest fire risk alert, the Tenerife Cabildo has lifted its ban on fires in the mountain and forest areas. Updated 27 June: The Canarian Government has ended its forest fire risk alert. With the weather cooling down, and with a refreshing mist and coolness in the medianías and at altitude, everything is back to normal. Updated 4.30pm: In addition to…

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Can you help find this missing Granadilla man?

Emergency services, family, friends and neighbourhood search teams have been looking for over a week for 85-year-old Plácido Santiago Salazar Donate, who has been missing without any trace since Sunday 19 June. Council sources say that the search has involved the Ayuntamiento itself, Protección Civil de Arico, San Miguel y Arona, and search and rescue helicopters, AEA, the Guardia Civil and Granadilla Policía Local. They are asking the public to get in touch with…

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Situation of Brits in Tenerife after Leave referendum victory

This is a short post but it will at least allow me to reply to the very many times I’ve now been asked about the situation of Brits in Tenerife now that the UK “has left the EU”. The UK has not yet left the EU. There has been a referendum which is non-binding on the government, which could, in theory, ignore or overturn it, or simply refuse to implement it. But…

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Another drowning in 2016 in Tenerife waters

Updated 25 June: A 65-year-old man drowned in the sea off the Las Galletas coast near El Fraile shortly before 8pm this evening. Emergency services were called out at 7.50pm with reports that someone was in difficulty in the water, and a helicopter rescued the man and transferred him to TFS where he was seen by paramedics, and determined to be in cardiac arrest. Sadly, despite prolonged efforts of around an…

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Inheritance (succession) tax in the Canary Islands

I am grateful to Paul Montague of Blevins Franks for THIS new guide which concentrates specifically on succession taxes for the Canaries. He says that his clients are finding it very useful, and he’s happy to share it with us. I’ve also added it as a link to THIS page on inheritance and capital gains taxes.

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Las Teresitas’ Mamotreto must come down now, says court

Updated 25 June 2016: The Mamotreto must come down now, the Court has told Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento in its final judgment. So despite years of fighting the demolition order, and various judgments for corruption and planning irregularities, and a rearguard action by the council to avoid demolishing the building – at least in entirety – and to avoid having to pay for it, the final verdict of all has now been…

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