Tenerife celebrates World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is actually on Tuesday, 27 September, but many parts of Tenerife will be celebrating it today as well as tomorrow, and some indeed on this coming Saturday and beyond. There will be wide range of activities on offer in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, with carnival groups performing dance and music in hotels and complexes throughout the borough from 6.30pm today, ending in Playa la Arena and in…

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Man’s body found in car near Santa Cruz cemetary

Emergency services say that a man’s body was found inside a vehicle parked on the Hoya Fria road near the Santa Lastenia cemetary in Santa Cruz this morning. The man, said to be around 60 years of age, was discovered shortly before noon, but paramedics who were dispatched to the scene say that sadly he was already dead when they arrived, and they could do no more than certifiy his death at the…

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Loro Parque’s Tasmanian yellow-tailed black cockatoo hatchlings first to be bred in Europe

Loro Parque and birds again … and another first again. Two Tasmanian yellow-tailed black cockatoo have been hatched in the park, the first ever breeding of this species in Europe. The chicks are now a month old, and this video shows one already sporting the beautiful black plumage with yellow highlights typical of this Australian bird from Tasmania, a species that is under threat. More fantastic avian work by the Foundation.

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Police, crimewaves, and the public

I’ve had several emails lately about mini-crimewaves in various parts of south Tenerife, many making reference to the fact that Arona and Adeje have been able to “sort out their scooter problem so why not robberies mainly on  holiday makers?” Some have also asked why “the councils don’t work with the police to try to deal with the problem”, or why they never see police on the streets. Since I had another email…

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Adeje Ayuntamiento helps young students earn professional qualifications

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento. Adeje Ayuntamiento has anounced that fifteen young Adeje students have earned professional certificates which will significantly affect their future. Under the Adejerest programme, the youngsters qualified last Friday in Basic Restaurant and Bar Operations, after finishing a course run by the council and the Canarian Employment Service. Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, councillor for economic development in the borough, congratulated all of the students during a ceremony to mark…

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Police arrest four for wave of Santa Cruz robberies with violence against elderly women

The National Police say that they’ve stopped a crimewave in the La Cuesta and Taco areas of Santa Cruz with four arrests of men aged between 18 and 29 and a youth under 18. All were from the Añaza area of Santa Cruz and are accused of thirteen robberies with violence, mainly against elderly women. The police explained that the successful operation was the result of a specific unit established to deal with violent burglaries;…

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Tráfico taking part in Project Edward today

Today is Project Edward Day, a Europe-wide road safety day aiming to reduce the number of deaths on European roads, ideally to zero, but certainly down from the 26,300 people who died in 2015. Project Edward is coordinated by Tispol, the European Traffic Police Network, and the Guardia Civil have said that they will be part of the project, and will be out in force today throughout Spain, joining traffic police throughout Europe…

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Charity “Family Fun Day” in Golf del Sur on 8 october

Tenerife Family Church have organized a Charity Family Fun Day on Saturday, 8 October, in the Winter Gardens, Golf del Sur. Entry is free, and a wide range of activities and live music will be on offer, with all proceeds going to Helping Hands in Tenerife, an association which helps disadvantaged and disabled children in Tenerife. The event has a Facebook page HERE. As I say on the Charity in Spain page HERE,…

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Responsible whale and dolphin watching with the Blue Boat flag

Whale and dolphin watching is understandably very popular here with tourists and residents alike, and Tenerife Turismo has thanked all the companies that operate responsibly, and work with the “Quality Charter” complying with the regulations. When booking an excursion, Turismo says, look for boats bearing the “Blue Boat” flag, as above, and lists all the following as doing so, though others will no doubt have the flag who are not…

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