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The Great Musical Gala, Magma Centre, 1 April

Update 31 March: Just a reminder that this show is tomorrow, so there’s still time to get tickets.

Original post 26 March:  On April 1, the Magma Centre is presenting a show for the whole family with some of the most popular children’s stories of all time staged in musical form. The show starts at 6pm and offers two hours of songs, humour and entertainment from The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King. Tickets are €8, available from and the Magma Centre box office.

At least one honest taxi driver in Tenerife!

They have a rotten press very often, so it’s only fair to report the lovely story of a taxi driver of some 19 years experience driving in Santa Cruz who returned a bag left in his cab to the Policía Local last Wednesday. The bag, it appears, contained nearly €900 in an envelope as well as a mobile phone, a diary, an umbrella, and various medications. The police were able to identify the fare from the address given by the taxi driver and the details from the mobile phone. That’s one taxi driver who deserves every commendation!

Beaches invaded by jellyfish

medusa los cristianos (300 x 443)

Update 30 March: Another jellyfish invasion has arrived at Tenerife beaches after the creatures started to arrive en masse  this morning at El Médano and Playa de las Vistas, Los Cristianos. By midday, seven bathers had been attended at El Médano alone for stings.

Update 31 January: Jellyfish invaded a swathe of Arona and Adeje coastline yesterday, leaving the beaches of Los Cristianos, Las Vistas, El Camisón and Troya at the mercy of the creatures. Some 11 bathers were treated for stings, and swimmers were again advised to steer clear of the water. It is hoped that a change of wind direction will alter the currents today to steer the creatures away from bathing areas.

Pirámides de Güímar opens a Secret Garden

Pirámides de Güímar has opened a Secret Garden to offer alongside its existing “outdoor routes” – walks around the ethnographic park focusing on the nature and culture of Tenerife throughout its history (see HERE for these “Rutas al aire libre).

This new Secret Garden is a collection, unique in the Canaries, of some of the most dangerous vegetation on the planet. It opens today, Friday 30 March, and offers an impressive 1,500 square metres of poisonous plants, many of which are also seriously beautiful. Being the Güímar ethnographic park, of course, a wealth of information is also provided about the myths, legends and historical events concerning the plants and the various uses to which their poisons have been put.

Santiago del Teide y los vinos de Tenerife, un Acantilado de Sabores, Playa la Arena, 31 March

Update 30 March: Just a reminder that this is tomorrow for anyone who is interested in going along.

Original post 21 March:  The Avenida Marítima in Playa de La Arena will be host to “Santiago del Teide y los Vinos de Tenerife, Un Acantilado de Sabores” on 31 March between 8pm and midnight. Eight local catering establishments will take part in the event, which is organized by the Ayuntamiento’s Employment and Local Development Agency with the collaboration of the Santiago del Teide business association, the Cabildo and the local taxi drivres’ association. Various stands will line the Avenida Marítima offering visitors the chance to try out selected wines for just €1 and tapas for €2.

Man dies on Torviscas beach

A 78-year-old man died just after midday today on Torviscas beach. Emergency services received a call reporting that he had been pulled unconscious out of the water and needed assistance, but despite attempts to resuscitate him by paramedics and a medical doctor who was on the beach himself, sadly nothing could be done to save his life and he was declared dead at the scene.

Update on “illegal letting” asociación (ALOTCA) following committee meeting yesterday

There was a committee meeting of the founding members of ALOTCA yesterday, and I can report the following points.

As I’ve previously posted, the first appeal of the fines resulted in a €3,000 reduction; the second appeal received a 15 page letter essentially saying that all argument was irrelevant and pointless, and that the problems resulting from Turismo’s actions were neither their fault nor responsibility. Now, a third appeal to complete the first stage of appeals has been presented, this time to the President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, himself. A meeting is also being sought with the President to press the points of this appeal in person. Evidently depending on the President’s response to this third appeal, any next stage will involve appeal to the Courts.

General strike called for 29 March in protest at new Government labour reforms

Update 29 March: As always, statistics are disputed. Unions say there has been 77% support for the strike, a level they call “historic”. Business leaders and the authorities, however, say that support has been low and that the day’s activities have seemed normal with “massive” attendance at work. Even with the usual massage of figures that can be expected on both sides, this discrepancy beggars belief.

Form to join “illegal letting” lobbying asociación ALOTCA

Update 29 March: It has just been brought to my attention that many will not have an actual email address to which to return this form. My apologies. The email address to send the signed form to is

I also have some notes to type up from an Alotca committee meeting yesterday afternoon/evening. They’ll be on here as soon as possible, hopefully later today.

Original post 26 March: Here is a link to download the form to join ALOTCA, the lobbying asociación to protest against the “illegal letting” clampdown, as well as negotiate with Turismo other aspects of their policies as detailed in the minutes and press release previously.

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