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Daily Archives: 15 March 2012

Public meeting ALOTCA – minutes

The public meeting to introduce the Association of those affected by the Canarian Tourism Regulation Law (Asociación de afectados por la ley de ordenación de turismo de Canarias – ALOTCA) was held in the Costa Adeje Tourist Development Centre this morning. It was very well attended, with almost every seat in a room for around 150 taken. The panel comprised the original members of the association, namely Maria Ereza Blasco (president), Santiago Saenz and José Escobedo (secretaries), Paul Ruane and myself. We were pleased to see present, and to count on the support of, the tourism councillors of both Arona and Adeje: these are very much on board and will be taking part with the association in discussions with Turismo. We were also gratified to see journalists there from the local Spanish press and Island Connections.

Press release for Spanish media introducing illegal letting lobbying association – ALOTCA

This is my translation of the press release that was issued to the Spanish media for today’s meeting:

In respect of the so-called “Special touristic action plan of inspection and control of establishments or accommodation units and the diagnosis of places exploited touristically without prior communication of starting activity or lacking authorisation” being carried out by the Inspection and Fines Department of the Canarian Government’s Board of Touristic Regulation and Promotion (presidencia)

a meeting has been called on Thursday 15 March 2012 at 10am in the CDTCA Centre in Avda Las Jarcias opposite the IES in El Galeón.

Grenade found on Playa de Troya

Bathers on Las Américas beach Playa de Troya were surprised and concerned by the discovery around 6pm yesterday of a grenade on the beach. A member of the public came across it and alerted the authorities … who arrived with great speed. The Guardia Civil’s Submarine Special Activities Group removed it and it is now being analysed by specialists to try to determine its origin and nature. The beach was cordoned off while this was taking place. Thankfully the only thing that was blown up was excitement and some fear!

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