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Adeje’s Easter Passion Play, Good Friday, 29 March 2013

Image courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento

Image courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento

Update 30 March: Adeje Ayuntamiento has released an album of photos HERE with some stunning images of the passion play. I think the crucifixion scene in the top square against the backdrop of the barranco is breathtaking, but have chosen to post above the image that I think most clearly shows how the town is utterly transformed into a Biblical environment. Simply wonderful, and a total credit to the town, and the Ayuntamiento.

Update 27 March: The Adeje Passion Play on Friday is officially due to start at midday, but as every year, get there early because the crowds will start to gather from early in the morning. As usual, too, the television cameras will be there to record, and to broadcast live.

Update 6 February 2013: I’ve posted in previous years about Adeje’s Easter passion play, and have merged the posts together below to give a flavour of the event, and its drama and emotion. This year will be no different, of course, and if anyone would like to be more than a spectator, but would actually like to take part in the enactment itself, you can sign up to do so now in the Cultural Centre in Adeje. Culture councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt said that this year’s preparations are now underway, and that each year some 300 “actors” take part in the passion play, the vast majority of them residents in the municipality.

The event is now famed worldwide, and tens of thousands attend, a great number of them tourists in the area. It is televised live internationally, too, and this year coverage will be provided by TVE. Sra Bethencourt said that because of such coverage even those who couldn’t come to watch in person wouldn’t miss the performance, but that the best way to experience the great feeling the play evokes was as an actor involved in the production itself. She also announced that there would be a showing of the video of last year’s passion play in the Cultural Centre at 7pm on 22 February: entry is free.




Update 6 April, 2012 6pm: Tinerguía has posted some fabulous pictures of today’s passion HERE.

Update 6 April 2012: If anyone has any photos of this event please do send them in. If you email them to I’ll be delighted to post them.

Update 4 April 2012: Just a reminder that this wonderful annual re-enactment of the Easter story is on Friday, 6 April.

Original post 20 March 2012:  Every year tens of thousands of people turn out to see the Easter Passion Play in Adeje. It’s a huge event, and is broadcast on television.  For an idea of previous years, have a look HERE for 2010, and HERE for last year. This year will be no different, and it will take place on 6 April, as usual along Calle Grand. It is scheduled to start at midday, but get there early because the crowds will start to gather from early in the morning.

Adeje Passion 2011

Update 22 April 2011, 11pm: Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga reflected the pride of everyone in the town’s latest Passion play, saying that the cultural offer had been elevated to a new level. The Passion was transmitted on television’s Antena 3 Canarias channel, and this year had more than 23,000 spectators.  There is more information on the day from TinerGuía HERE and a fastastic range of photos including the one above on TinerGuia’s Facebook page HERE.

Update 22 April 2011: Today is the day that some 300 actors will be re-enacting the passion of Christ in Adeje’s main streets. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures later. If you’re going, enjoy the spectacle … and if you haven’t already left at what is now 11am, you’d better get a move on because it starts at midday!

Update 13 April 2011: Adeje’s Easter programme for 15-24 April can be seen HERE in English

YouTube Preview Image

Update 3 April 2011: Adeje will be celebrating 2011′s Semana Santa between 15 and 24 April. The above video gives a taste of 2010′s incredible annual re-enactment of the Passion: it is something truly not to be missed. The Ayuntamiento has published the full week’s timetable HERE, but the re-enactment of the Passion takes place on Friday, with the main parade at noon on 22 April through the town. Events start much earlier, however, at the Cemetary at 6.30am and last throughout the day. The town will be packed, and parking will be virtually impossible too, so the best advice is to get there early, and to get there without a car.

Update 2 April 2010: A record 22,000 plus crowded the streets of Adeje today to participate in the town’s renowned annual Easter Passion. The whole thing was transmitted live on Antena 3 Canarias. It is evident from this year’s attendance, too, that the fame of this spectacle is spreading through the various international expatriate communities and tourists, who were there in great numbers to see the passion play.

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, said that “the representation of the Passion and Death of Christ is an event that defines us because it connects with our very identity, and can be one of the most beautiful days because it has a special magic, and because it forms part of our roots, our history, and as has been seen today, is experienced with great intensity.”

The play took place in Calle Grande and started at noon, lasting for an hour and a half. The visual impact of the performance had many in tears. One or two pictures as above will give the idea. C24H

Original Post 17 March: Adeje’s renowned Passion Play will be performed in the town on 2 April from noon onwards. As usual, it will be fully televised. Apart from being an incredible visual, let alone religious, spectacle, anyone who wants to do more than just watch can participate provided only that they put their name down in the Adeje Centro Cultural. The Council is saying that all are very welcome to take part, Adejeros or from beyond the municipality. Children under 12 will need to be accompanied by an adult. TinerGuia

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