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Ashotel has denounced what ît says are British ambulance-chaser style lawyers inciting tourists in south Tenerife to make false claims against hotels. Association president Jorge Marichal met on Tuesday with representatives from the Canarian Government and National Police to convey the concern of hoteliers over the practice, which he says is carried out from “claims clinics”, which are no more than vans done up to look like ambulances. Marichal stressed that since the motive was purely financial the practice, which the association has watched develop throughout the summer, could be classed as “organized crime”.

The vans, with English text plastered over them to urge tourists to denounce hotels for a range of problems like food poisoning, have been circulating around south Tenerife, Ashotel says, stressing that the vans have even stopped at the doors of some hotels to capture “clients”. The practice is apparently already known in the Balearics and Andalusia, and Ashotel says that apart from being in contact with Government and police in Tenerife, it is also in contact with hotel associations in those areas to see what combined action may be possible. At the very least, Ashotel says, there is an issue with an unlicensed business being carried out by workers who, moreover, are not making social security contributions or complying with tax regulations.

Jorge Marichal said these were “pirate lawyers” who seemed to be associated with firms in the UK engaged in the same practices. Often, it seems, the claims are presented without even the most basic medical evidence, simply the allegation that the tourist became ill and had to buy medication, the unproven cost of which is claimed with threats of legal action if reimbursement were not to follow. The key, Ashotel says, is that the claims are then presented in the UK, causing hotels here either to face international legal action with elevated costs, or simply to pay up even though, Marichal says, the vast majority of the denuncias are false.

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  1. Workers not paying their social contributions?!!
    That’s a laugh… Line up all the employees of ANY hotel in Tenerife and see how many of them have a declared income of more than 600 – 700€ a month – likely none.
    They have been dodging social and tax payments for decades and continue to do so.
    Now, they are being held accountable by foreign law firms, probably because people are tired of being fobbed off when they make legitimate complaints.

  2. I kind of agree with you Andy. There are many businesses here who have an attitude that their customers are tourists and we won’t see them again.
    This ambulance chasing service has put the boot on the other foot and Ashotel does’t like it. They rely on the fact that tourists won’t incur the cost and expense in Tenerife to pursue legitimate complaints about poor service but are bleating because someone has opened an avenue for them to bring legal action in the UK, requiring the Ashotel members to face cost and expense to defend themselves. If the ambulance chasers did not think that the claims had merit they would not take them on.

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