The Tenerife Cabildo One announced yesterday that it has approved an investment of €2,164,730 in improving the TF66, the major arterial road that runs from Valle San Lorenzo to Guaza, and providing links to Buzanada, Cabo Blanco and la Camella. The Cabildo said that Tuesday’s approval of funds was the direct result of a long-standing call from locals and the transport sector for improvements to the road, and a determination of the Cabildo to assist local businesses by inreasing connectivity.

The TF66 works are part of the Cabildo’s €200m five year plan announced last month, which includes works to the TF-24 cruce de Arafo-El Portillo for €2,946,521; theTF-156 in La Laguna for €738,624; the TF-31 into Puerto de La Cruz for €753,088 euros; and the TF1-TF65 San Miguel road junction for €1.3m.



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  1. What about the horrendously bad Guaza to Las Galletas stretch of the road? Is that implicitly included as part of the TF66 or are they not planning on doing that bit?

  2. If you want to ruin the suspension on your car,just give the TF655 Cristianos-Guaza road, (from Disa garage to Guaza roundabout) a try!!

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