Updated 11 January 2017: Monday, 16 January, 9-11 am – El Mojón, Ctra. El Mojón, C/ Zona El Mojón.

Updated 10 November 2016: Friday, 11 November, 3-5.30pm – El Mojón, Ctra. El Mojón, C/ Zona El Mojón.

Updated 2 November: Friday 4 November, 7-9am – Av/ Juan Carlos I & PQ/ Lisboa.

Updated 29 August: Tomorrow, 30 August, 8am to midday – C/ Barranquillo, C / Bélgica, C / La Colina, C/ Cristóbal Colón, C / Eucaliptus, C / Finlandia, Av / La Habana, Av / Juan Carlos I, C/ Juan XXIII, C/ Montaña Chayofita, C / Montaña Chica, C / Montaña Grande, C / La Montaña, C /  Nido, C / Noruega, C /  Ramón Pino, Av / De Suecia, C / Barranquera y C/ Barranquillo.

Updated 4 August: Monday, 8 August, Avda San Francisco, 11am to 1pm.

Updated 28 July: In addition to Saturday’s cut, Endesa and Arona Ayuntamiento have announced cuts on Tuesday, 2 August, between 6 and 11am, in CJ/ Callejón de Leandra, C/ Dulce María Loinaz, Av/ El Espigón, Av/ La Habana, C/ Jesús Domínguez Grillo, C/ Juan Bariajo, C/ Juan XXIII, C/ Lucila Barrios, C/ La Montaña, C/ Nueva Explanada, C/ Paseo Las Vistas, PS/ Peatonal, C/ Peatonal El Cabezo, C/ Ramón Pino, PS/ Rincón del Puerto, C/ San Roque, C/ San Roque El Cabezo, Av/ de Suecia y C. C. San Telmo.

Original post 25 July: Endesa and Arona Ayuntamiento have announced electricity cuts for maintenance works to the public network in Los Cristianos next Saturday, 30 July. The works will take place between 1 and 5am – so that’s Friday night – and will affect Calle Hermano Pedro de Bethencourt, Avenida Juan Carlos I, Avenida Penetración.

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  1. Seriously…. bars open till 2 rely on july trade…. what would be wrong witb 2.30 till 6.30…. does anyone in there realise it is A a tourist island an B summer…….. eeesh

  2. 6.30 would be far too late for all the residents who start work at 8am and earlier. The they *would* have complaints.

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