It’s the same every year, and it’s started already this Christmas. The other day there were two separate incidents on the TF5; a motorcyclist died in one of them and because they were close together in time, and not far apart in location, there was significant disruption on the motorway.

There have been three people knocked down by cars in various parts of Tenerife over the past few days, and now this morning someone was killed on the TF1 by Playa de las Américas, and a driver is currently being sought after driving the wrong way on the TF66 Guaza-Valle San Lorenzo road near Buzanada. At present it’s not known if it was a kamikaze attempt, or whether the driver was just drunk.

The Guardia Civil says that with people going to Christmas work parties, and private and public fiestas, accidents always soar at this time of the year. As the sergeant used to say on Hill Street Blues,  “Hey, let’s be careful out there.”

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