Updated 23 October: As forecast, the first weak wave of the polar front arrived from the north yesterday – the above photo, from Eumetsat, shows the extent of the weather system. The rains didn’t get further than north Tenerife, but they made themselves felt there, washing out the main Plaza del Charco in Puerto de la Cruz yesterday afternoon and causing the town to suspend last night’s Noche de Blanco shopping event – there is not yet a decision on whether it is postponed or cancelled. Today, as the weather system continues to arrive, moderate to heavy showers should reach further south, perhaps leaving only the southern tip of the island with clear weather, though there is a yellow alert in place for rain in south, east and west Tenerife for tomorrow (see image below, click for full size). What should be noticeable even there, however, is the drop in temperatures associated with this “polar irruption”, which is forecast to be with us throughout much of the coming week.

costerosrainWhile I’m posting about this, I’d like to reiterate the message in yesterday’s post HERE about a near drowning in Puerto de la Cruz. One aspect of this weather front is costeros (rough seas) with a 5m swell which Aemet has included in its alert – (image opposite). The sea will be rougher and colder than it might appear to a superficial glance. Please be extremely careful in the sea, and have a look HERE on the risks that Tenerife’s waters can pose, and how to enjoy them safely, and HERE for how to stay safe in storms, including stormy seas, generally.

Updated 19 October: There was quite a variation in the atmospheric models for last weekend’s weather, and in the end, those which said the rain would not reach us were correct. For this coming weekend, however, all the models appear to agree, and meteorologists are unanimous in forecasting rain from Saturday. At least one polar front is set to bring cold and wet weather as far south as the Canaries, it seems, as can be seen in the following animation from Efemérides Meteorológicas Canarias, and so rain and a significant drop in temperatures are just around the corner, it would appear.

Updated 17 October: Aemet says that yesterday’s and today’s hot weather is not a calima, even though it feels like it, but is air from high levels which has warmed as it descended – and this is why we have the calima effect but without the usual dust content. As part of this front, characterized by weak trade winds and low humidity, the rains that were expected were actually discharged to the west of the islands, as in the satellite image below. The rains didn’t materialise, and the current conditions seem set to be with us for the rest of the week. As to next weekend, that’s a forecast yet to come!


prealertvientosUpdated 15 October: The first real weather front of the winter 2016-17 season started to be forecast earlier this week, with the main front arriving from this weekend. And on time, the Canarian Government has this morning issued a pre-alert, based on Met Office predictions, for high winds at altitude in Tenerife and La Palma. The alert comes into effect at 10am tomorrow, and no doubt there will be further updates on this weather system over the next few days. (Click the image opposite to see full size).

Original post 10 October: The first rains of winter 2016-17 could be with us any time from this Wednesday, meteorologists say. Some light rain could arrive midweek, though the approaching Atlantic weather front is due to bring heavier rain this weekend, particularly in the western islands, as can be seen in the animation below from Efemérides Meteorológicas Canarias. No doubt there will be updated forecasts over the next few days.


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  1. Weather forecasting is like banking…Its another job you can get very wrong and still get paid for !!

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