Update 26 August: First the playa del Puertito to the side of the Club Náutico Puertito de Güímar, then playa de El Confital in El Médano, and now Tenerife is to have a third dog-friendly beach. La Laguna ayuntamiento is actively working out which beach in the municipality’s Bajamar area would be best for the purpose, deputy mayor and councillor for Servicios Municipales y Medio Ambiente Javier Abreu announced yesterday.

Councillor Abreu said that they still hadn’t settled on a particular beach because none were “perfect”, but that the council would continue to work on the project and that one beach would end up as dog-friendly because local public opinion demanded it. This opinion has been expressed in a petition undertaken by the local Si se puede group.

Update 4 July 2014: Granadilla council has confirmed that it is now the second ayuntamiento with a dog beach. The playa de El Confital in El Médano was proposed late last year as the best option for the municipality given its somewhat isolated location, and it has now been designated a “zona de baño permitida para llevar a las mascotas”. Playa El Confital is the other side of Montaña Roja from El Médano, and is effectively an extension of La Tejita beach.

Original post 6 August 2013: Güímar Ayuntamiento inaugurated Tenerife’s first beach for dogs last Friday, the 200m playa del Puertito to the side of the Club Náutico Puertito de Güímar. It is only the second such beach in the Canaries, the first being allowed in Gran Canaria in May as I posted HERE. Alcaldesa de Güímar Carmen Luisa Castro Dorta said she was very satisfied with the new initiative, the result of requests by María Cabrera López, administrator of the Facebook 7 Islas X 4 Patas group.

Mayor Castro Dorta said that the request was only received three weeks ago, and showed how rapidly action could be taken where there was goodwill. There is a notice at the beach outlining the rules of use, and particularly important is the requirement for owners to clean up after their pets or face fines of between €30 and €150. Dogs which are are classified as “potentially dangerous” must be kept on a lead and muzzled.

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  1. I am sorry Janet but this news makes me smile. There is a small pebbly beach in Playa de Las Americas which is a favourite with surfers. There is a Dogs Prohibited sign on the beach which has been there for about a year or more. This is totally ignored although I have to say that most of the dogs are well behaved and are kept pretty much under control. As far as clearing up after them….I don’t know.

  2. I think its great that there are beaches specially for dogs however the “no dogs allowed” signs are frequently ignored. We use a small, rocky, sandy beach which does not have sun beds or parasols but does display the warning flags and a “dogs prohibited” sign. It is situated in a very popular area of Las Americas. This sign is totally ignored and as there is nobody to monitor it, what is the point? The police frequently ride past during the day so it is not off the beaten track. The dogs are usually well behaved and kept in check by their owners but I can’t say whether they also use it to do their “business”.

  3. I have used el confital beach quite a few times ; it is a pleasure to take my dog there . The dogs and their owners are not only well behaved but also excellent company.!!

  4. Not much use to the Medano dogs it’s a long walk away from the town the other side of Montana Roja and is part of la tejita beach
    No need to worry about what dogs do far more humans use la tejita every day without any toilet facilities

  5. Everyone here wants to point out how well behaved dogs and owners are on the beach. I can tell you, I’m not going to El Confital any more since it’s dogs allowed… every 10 minutes you see a dog crapping on the line between water and beach and I still have to see an owner clean after their dog.

    I won’t generalize but dog owners behave the same on the beach as on the street… quite a few clean after their dogs… but the rest doesn’t give a sh*t… for me enough reason to call this dog beach initiative a failure.

    And please stop spreading lies about how well dogs and owners would be behaving… coz they aren’t!!

  6. I use this beach quite a lot since I adopted my little pup. I always pick up her mess even though it is smaller than 50p. And I have never seen any one leave doggy poop there!

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