The disappearance of Yéremi Vargas in Gran Canaria nine years ago isn’t a Tenerife story, but it will have meaning for many here because of the concern and sympathy it evoked back in 2007. There is confirmation this morning from Canarian Government spokesman Enrique Hernandez Bento that the Guardia Civil have imputed (declared as a formal suspect for investigation and trial) a 56-year-old man for kidnap and murder. The suspect is already in prison in Algeciras, Cádiz for sexual abuse crimes committed in 2012, and it seems that apart from the evidence the police already have to link him to Yéremi’s disappearance, he is the owner of a car such as was described widely at the time as being linked to the crime, and lived locally to the family.

There’s a video of this morning’s statement on Canarias Ahora’s youtube channel:


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