Updated 21 June: The warmth of the last few days is expected to rise considerably over the next few, with a calima forecast to approach as well from tomorrow, Wednesday, probably arriving in Tenerife on Thursday. Temperatures today are expected to exceed 30º, and will continue to rise throughout the week. Please do be aware of the health authorities’ advice for dealing with hot water, and also that calimas can cause significant problems in addition to the heat for those with some medical conditions. Please see the links below for advice on staying safe in the heat, and on staying safe in the water too when cooling off.

Original post 1 June: With the weather warming up nicely, and with June already underway, it seems opportune to repost the following official medical advice that Sanidad offers for dealing with hot weather. This particularly affects the over 65s, children, pregnant women, and those suffering some medical conditions.

Recommendations are:

  • avoid all physical exercise in the open air
  • avoid exposure to the sun and heat where possible
  • drink more water to ensure we are well hydrated and to avoid heatstroke
  • avoid large meals and alcohol, coffee, tea or sugared drinks because they can cause dehydration
  • stay out of the sun between midday and 4pm, when the sun’s rays are almost vertical and radiation at its greatest
  • keep in the shade
  • wear loose fitting, light coloured, natural fibre clothes if going out is unavoidable
  • wear head protection if going out is unavoidable

Symptoms of being affected by the heat include fainting or lightheadedness, nausea, palpitations. Children might become irritable and lose their appetite. If you feel any symptoms from the sun, try to cool yourself immediately, whether with a sponge, damp towel or shower, drink water, and if you do not feel better quickly, seek medical help. For more detail, see THIS page. And when cooling off in the sea, please see THIS page too.

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