Arona Ayuntamiento says it hopes everyone will come along to the seventh Ratha Yatra festival, which is being held this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 August, in front of the H10 Hotel Conquistador in Playa de las Américas (see map at bottom). The event has its origins in the annual processions known in India as Ratha-Yatra or “festival of the chariots”, a centuries-old and deeply-rooted religious and cultural festival celebrated around the world … and now in Tenerife too.

It’s being called a “meeting of cultures”, and there will be Indian food, dance, colour, exhibitions, theatre, and music on offer … and the gods will be there too, riding through the procession in the chariots which give the festival its name. Arona says the festival is of huge social value and cultural interest, encouraging multicultural tolerance and respect. It will offer a jolly good time as well! The full programme is HERE.

ratha yatra 2016

map (644 x 439)

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