Update 9pm: Police say that the poor man was a 65-year-old Scottish holidaymaker. His body was found on the main Avda marítima of Playa La Arena. Police offered their commiserations to the family.

Original post 17 December 11am: A man’s body was found on the street around 7.30 this morning in Playa La Arena, Santiago del Teide.  Emergency services were called out by a passer-by who made the discovery, but paramedics, together with a doctor and nurse from a local surgery, could only confirm that he was already dead. Police are investigating the incident, and attempting to identify the man and the cause of his death.

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  1. What do you mean they are trying to identificar him – his Poor wife went out to find him, only to find the scene of Police, ambulance,etc. But no bu..er there to help the Poor woman sitting on a bench Wondering what had happened to her husband and needing a little tlc.

  2. I mean that the police say they are investigating, and that the investigation requires confirmation of identity and cause of death.

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