Update 25 November: Just a reminder that the new €20 notes will be circulating from today. See the video above and HERE to be sure to be able to identify them, and not to be caught out by any counterfeits.

Update 4 September 2015: The third banknote of the Europa series to be introduced by the Central European Bank will be the €20, which will start circulating in the Eurozone in a couple of months. Police have warned, however, that there are already fakes circulating, with those presenting them – said mainly to be Dutch and British tourists – claiming they are part of this new series, whereas the legal new €20 notes will not be issued until November. The main security features of the €20 note, one of the most used in the Eurozone, are described HERE, and I’ve put the ECB video above: let’s not get caught out! Anyone who thinks they might have been passed one of these notes should denounce the matter to the National Police.

Update 21 September 2014: The second banknote of the Europa series to be introduced by the Central European Bank will be the €10, which will start circulating in the Eurozone this Tuesday, 23 September. The main security features are described HERE, and although the note just looks superficially as if it has had a facelift, in fact a fair few new security measures have been introduced, and the notes have also been given a protective treatment to make them more durable. The other banknotes in the series will be introduced gradually over several years, in ascending order.

Update 1 May 2013: Just a reminder about these new “Europa series” notes, which will be in circulation from tomorrow, 2 May, throughout the Eurozone.


Original post 10 January:  A new series of Euro notes is to be introduced over the next few years starting in May with a new €5. The above video is a very brief visual description of the new security features of the new notes, specifically of the new emerald green €5, and the following video is a much more detailed explanation from the announcement made today by the Central European Bank. Existing Euro notes will apparently remain valid indefinitely.



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