Updated 15 November: Police say that thanks to reports from member of the public, José Arias, “el Volcán”, has been arrested in San Isidro by the Guardia Civil with help from Granadilla Policia Local.

Updated 13 November: Police say that they are again searching for “El Volcán” for stealing €8,000 in various thefts local to El Tanque, as well as for other cases still open throughout Tenerife, particularly in the Santiago del Teide area. Police say that this individual is also wanted for attacking an 84-year-old Dutch man in an attempted robbery in Puerto Santiago: the victim was seriously wounded and required in-patient hospital treatment. As police have said previously, El Volcán is extremely aggressive and dangerous, and has been the subject of 51 police incidents. He ha also been in prison for several years.

Police say that they have been searching for him for over a month, and have now released this photo for anyone who knows his whereabouts to report him. He goes by the name of José.

Original post 7 June: Police say that they have arrested a Puerto Santiago man known as El Volcán due to his ferocious temper. He was detained last night in Alcalá for domestic violence, being sought by police in any case for damaging a Los Gigantes restaurant where he was recently fighting, and for attempted robbery also in Los Gigantes where he was seen on security cameras: all this despite only getting out of prison last year after a ten-year stretch.

Police say that the man was also thought to have been one of those involved in an attempted murder shortly after being released from prison: he is alleged to have been involved in a Costa Adeje brawl and running over one of his opponents. Police say the man is extremely violent and antisocial, and as a result is “very well known” to them.

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