Photo: Phil Crean.

Cecilia Navarro Arteaga, representing La Opinión and McDonalds, was chosen as Reina del Carnaval at the main gala in Santa Cruz’ Recinto Ferial last night. She was “wearing” a fantasia called “Arena blanca del desierto” – white sands of the desert (above) – which was designed by Daniel Pages, who also designed the fantasia called Eva worn by the runner-up, Flavía Martínez Álvarez.

Cecilia herself came third in 2012 and is now the queen of the entire carnival, and with her selection, the full party moves onto the streets for Semana Grande – the “big week” of the Santa Cruz Carnaval. Many businesses will be operating partial hours, and banks may be closing earlier than usual. Quite a few municipalities have 9 February, Carnival Tuesday, as one of their two public fiesta days: Arona, San Miguel, Granadilla, and Icod do, for example, though Adeje does not – the full list of municipal, and regional public holidays is HERE.

And for those who would like a taste of the carnival without actually being there, Canary Live 24 has a series of webcams for a live stream, just click HERE, and HERE are the official website’s streamed webcams. The full programme for the carnival, as well as details about other carnivals in Tenerife over coming weeks, is in the main Carnaval post HERE.

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