ruta flor cabildo (900 x 600)

photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Ayuntamiento of Santiago del Teide is holding its annual almond blossom route walk on Saturday 30 January, as I posted HERE, and it is so spectacular that the Tenerife Cabildo itself is itself hosting a walk on that route from Santiago del Teide to Arguayo the day after the council’s, so on Sunday, 31 January. The 9km average-difficulty walk has been arranged through the Tenerife Rural Fundación and will have a specialist guide.

On the poster below you’ll see that there are buses leaving La Laguna and Santa Cruz, so it appears to presume that most walkers will be from the north, but it won’t be restricted to that. The cost is set at €15 but it’s possible that it will be less for those who wish to join the walk in Santiago del Teide and not use the transport. There’s a phone number and email address for further info on the poster for those who are interested, and bookings must be made before next Thursday, 28 January.

cartel ruta flor cabildo (900 x 598)



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