Arona Ayuntamiento has presented the IV Jornadas de Folclore y Tradiciones de Canarias “Expresiones de Ida y Vuelta”, an annual folklore event which this year traces the cultural interactions between the Canaries and south America, as always, through music, talks, film and exhibitions. The event will be focused on both sides of the Atlantic, seeing how the Canaries influenced south America, and vice versa, and how the mutual influences gave rise in turn to some unique traditions.

This year’s title, Expresiones de ida y vuelta, literally means Expressions of There and back again, which conjures up Hobbit-like imagery, and it’s that mix of traditions, myth, history and folklore that is what Arona’s cultural Jornadas are all about. The event will be held in the Plaza del Pescador outside Los Cristianos’ Cultural Centre between 18 and 22 May.

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