Update 30 June: Sr Rivero has repeated his message loud and clear in the Magma Centre, where he appeared yesterday in a local presentation of municipal plans for modernization and improvement of tourism in Adeje and Arona. Present were representatives from both councils and from the hotel and tourism sectors. Sr Rivero said that there was no other economic activity in the Canaries capable of creating employment en masse other than tourism, and for pure self-interest, the islands had to improve their competitivity against the likes of the Caribbean, Turkey and Morocco so as to take advantage of the fact that we have touristic factors here –READ MORE

A considerable blaze destroyed some 2,000 square metres – around half an acre – of  scrubland in the Golf del Sur area around 9pm last evening. Thankfully there were no physical or material casualties, but it seems the blaze was visible from a considerable distance away, and indeed it took five fire engines and the whole night to extinguish it completely. The whole of Tenerife is tinderbox dry, of course, after the heatwave which is still only now dispersing, and it is possible that a carelessly discarded cigarette caused the fire to ignite and spread so quickly.READ MORE

Adeje is to lose its daily rubbish collection as of next Sunday, from when there will be no collections on Sundays or public holidays, says the Concejalía de Servicios. The Ayuntamiento says it will save over a million euros a year with the cut and will even be able to benefit recipients of the service since basura bills will be reduced by 8.39%. The public has been asked to cooperate with the new system and not put rubbish out on the days when there is no collection – and has also been reminded that on collection days it must be deposited between 9pm and midnight.READ MORE

Update 28 June: Well they weren’t wrong that the heatwave will begin to disperse slowly. It barely feels any cooler today than yesterday, but there is at least the merest suggestion of a hint of a breath of cool air. Tomorrow, though, it should be cooler still, and the above picture shows that Aemet has removed the yellow alert as from tomorrow for the western islands. Literally a breath of fresh air! Update 25 June: Aemet says that the heatwave will continue until Thursday, with temperatures increasing until tomorrow and Wednesday, when temperatures are expected to reach 38º. BBQs remain banned in mountain recreational areas whileREAD MORE

Turismo de Tenerife will be launching a “Stop dreaming, Tenerife exists” campaign this summer to attract Canarians themselves to take “stay at home” holidays in Tenerife. The campaign will be run through disfrutadetodo.com, which is empty of offers at the moment, but which is designed to bring to Canarian residents “the best offers and packages from travel agents Viajes El Corte Inglés, Halcón Viajes, Viajes Vibo and Canariasviaja.com, who are collaborating in the campaign with special prices and prize draws for those who register. The campaign aims to compensate for the lower than expected numbers of Spanish nationals who have come here on holiday and to improveREAD MORE

July is going to feel somewhat more expensive with the rise in IGIC (as I posted HERE) from 5 to 7%, which will be particularly noticeable for phone bills, and now the minister of Industria, Energía y Turismo, José Manuel Soria, has said that electricity bills are going to go up as well. Charges are likely to increase between 4% or 5%.  And of course, there’s IGIC on that too …READ MORE