Google is updating its images of Tenerife for Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth. The company’s distinctive cars will be seen in many roads and streets throughout the island over the next several days obtaining high resolution images to improve the island’s online visibility. I will be interested to hear of anyone who sees one: unlike the previous nondescript version, these cars are not only distinguished by the camera mounted on the top but are brightly painted with a google map and with green doors with “Google maps Street View” written on them.READ MORE

Update 30 May: The Canarian Government has now approved the law of “medidas Administrativas y Fiscales” with which they aim to lessen the shortfall in funding from Madrid, and which includes the rise of IGIC. The Government says that despite representations from, particularly Ashotel, there will be no changes in the provisions for the tourist sector. The measures will be put before the Canarian Parliament tomorrow to initiate the proceedings; these are expected to come into force on 1 July. Original post 22 April: The Canarian Government has announced a range of measures to replace regional income lost in the cuts made by Madrid in the recentREAD MORE

Update 30 May: The lone yachtsman has been identified as Russian journalist Andrei Novoselov. He is to be denounced to the public prosecutor for “civil disobedience”, specifically setting sail from Tenerife despite a ports authority prohibition. The capitán marítimo provincial, Antonio Padrón, said that he will inform the Fiscalia tomorrow and that if the public ministry agree, legal action will follow. The sailor will also be required to pay for the costs of his rescue, which involved emergency services in a 48-hour mission including seven search and rescue helicopter flights. Sr Padrón refused to speculate on how much this would all amount to, but independent consultantsREAD MORE

A 37-year-old woman is critically ill in Candelaria hospital after being knocked down by her own car in San Eugenio. The incident happened just before midnight last night in Calle Gran Bretaña, and emergency services were called out with reports that a parked vehicle had been left without brakes and had rolled to run over its driver. The woman was initially taken to Hospiten Sur, but her injuries were so severe that she was stabilized there and then transferred to Candelaria Hospital.  Calle Gran Bretaña is the road that runs from the Hotel Jardin Tropical up to the Molina Blanca restaurant near the Aquapark.READ MORE

[youtube][/youtube] The traditional Baile de Magos, Country Ball, organized by the Adeje Folklore School, will take place tomorrow, 29 May from 9pm in Plaza de España in Adeje. Although Magos means “magician”, these dances are so called because in the Canaries, it has a particular meaning of campesino – country person, peasant, someone living in a particular locality. The Bailes de Magos are held all over these islands, and are both extremely popular and a good chance to see real local culture, with performances, competitions and food, in action. The Plaza de España in Adeje is the new square between the town hall and theREAD MORE

Madrid has approved a new law which legislates for an “express autolicence”, a mechanism which eliminates the current system of municipal licences to open a business. The measure is intended to save business people both time and money. Deputy PM, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, said that “the measure seeks to change administrative culture, free up commerce, end bureaucracy, simplify processes, speed up procedures, and support  business people”. She was speaking in a press conference after the cabinet meeting which approved the measures, and added that in times of crisis, Government must roll out the red carpet for businesses rather than put obstacles in their way. The measureREAD MORE