Tenerife doesn’t have a rainy season in the tropical sense, but when we do get rain, it is tropical in every meaningful sense of the word. At these times, we can get torrential rain, incredible shows of thunder and lightning, extremely high winds sometimes blowing and more usually gusting almost to hurricane force, and we hear words like temporal (weather system), tormenta (storm), borrasca (depression/area of low pressure), lluvias (rains), vientos (winds), and costeros (high waves).
There is a system of alerts for these equivalent to the heatwave alerts we get in the summer, and the alerts are issued by the state meteorological agency Aemet, and the Canarian government itself. There is also official advice on staying safe at these times, and although much of it is common sense, here is the Canarian Government’s advice in English for rain and thunderstorms.




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