Spanish Government free telephone helpline for anyone affected by the La Palma eruption – 900 222 665 Spanish Government insurance compensation consortium – Updated 9pm, 24/9: Emergency services say that there are now two new vents though only in one of the original two fissures. These new vents, however, are emitting lava flows at high velocity and causing larger fragments to be thrown considerable distances along with pyroclastic ash flows. The two new streams are clearly visible on this video, and we can just be thankful that the explosivity has reduced this evening thanks to the release of this lava. Updated 5pm, 24/9:La Gomera airport nowREAD MORE

Yesterday, the United Nations published an analysis of 100+ countries’ climate action plans as officially recorded and the picture produced can’t be described as just worrying or concerning. The only word is appalling. The NDC Synthesis report finds that although there’s a slow downward trend in greenhouse gas emissions, these will get nowhere near the Paris Agreement’s goal and, despairingly, although global carbon emissions need to be cut by 45% by 2030 to avoid the worst impacts of hotter conditions by the end of the century, they are in fact set to rise by 16%. The Synthesis Report, which can be read in full inREAD MORE

I don’t quite know what to do other than to post this. I’ve posted here on my website before that I’m retired, no longer happy to be used as a free info desk by people who can’t be asked to do anything other than fire off an email to a free resource centre that doesn’t require them to read anything but just shovels them personalized answers, that the planet is in crisis and that people should stop travelling for non-essential reasons as a priority … and still the emails come. People travelling every other month between the UK, Spain, the Canaries … because family, holiday,READ MORE

Graphic: Adrián Flores. Updated 15 September: Outrage over the Canarian Government’s idea of renovating coastal rock pools for sustainable “natural tourism” has been predictably widespread, and it has achieved its effect. I know many hate the actions of climate activists like XR but I’ll put below a video from James O’Brien as to how the whole difficult situation of climate protest might be seen. Meanwhile, Canarian tourism minister Yaiza Castilla has confirmed (SER radio HERE) that the ideas have been shelved specifically as a result of the high level of social protest at them. The Cabildos can consider such works in their own islands, she indicates,READ MORE

I mentioned the Malaga fire a couple of days ago HERE and today it is still blazing ferociously. Regional authority fire chief Juan Sánchez said, indeed, that they were facing the most complex fire known to the forestry fire services in recent times. “We have been talking a long time”, he said, “about the consequences of environmental neglect or climate change. Today we are living them.” The fire has now been in overdrive for more than 100 hours and further parts of Andalusia continue to be evacuated, with the fire regaining strength even where efforts had seemed to have had some effect as in theREAD MORE

There is a forest fire alert in place in the Canaries right now because conditions are ripe for a major blaze. In the last couple of days an outbreak in the La Orotava area was brought under control but the risks for the corona forestal and the National Park from fire particularly in that area are crystal clear. Meteorologists say that from this weekend the weather is going to be “entertaining”, so let’s hope it’ll provide a good cloud show rather than a horror movie. Currently we are expecting a polar front reaching down to Madeira next week and a hurricane has been gathering overREAD MORE