Photo: Cumbre Vieja eruption with montaña de La Laguna in foreground at 7.50pm, Saturday 23 October. GE Volcan. This post is a continuation of the original on the La Palma eruption. The daily posts and updates from the first 40 days of the eruption are HERE. Official free helpline – 900 222 665. Financial donations through Bizum (mobile bank app) – use code 03747, or e-transfer to account ES47 2100 9169 0122 0017 9456 ref: Donación volcán.  Updated 30 November – Eruption Day 73: Seismic activity returned with a vengeance last night, the largest an i4.1 shortly before 7am at a depth of 38km underREAD MORE

Photo: Guardia Civil.  The Guardia Civil had the first “green police” unit, Seprona, in the whole of Europe. Seprona stands for Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza and it has now been going for more than 30 years. Its guiding mission is the conservation of nature and the environment, and we usually hear about the Unit in the autumn when alerts and requests for help are widespread for the hatching Pardelas (see HERE), but its remit is far more widespread, policing water resources, hunting, fishing and forestry protection.  One thing they do that is perhaps not widely understood is police animal maltreatment generally (see HERE),READ MORE

The Canaries aren’t just a sweet zone in the climate emergency but have for long been in a protective bubble when it comes to major storms too. As we can see from Aemet Canarias’ graphic, the whole system of storm formation sends embryonic cyclones that have scudded westwards across north Africa off, out across the Atlantic, as tropical storms or hurricanes. The image tracks their path between 1851 and 2004, and as we can see, they sometimes swing around towards the north after crossing the ocean, returning from the Americas to affect western Europe. Aemet thinks that as the climate emergency develops, this protective bubbleREAD MORE

Image: SEO. We’re all used to the idea that the Canary Islands get swallows as visitors in the winter – of the human kind – but many more actual avian visitors come to Spain each year, and can and do stay for much longer than 90 days! Now, the Sociedad Española de Ornitología (Spanish Ornithological Society), which carries out annual programmes to assess the populations of migratory birds, has said that given the unambitious outcome of COP26, it’s imperative for us all to work with nature to address the climate emergency and the alarming loss of biodiversity. The SEO says that it’s already confirmed from suchREAD MORE

There are serious calls today in influential circles for action to be taken against colonies of wild cats. We all know that such cats are a particular concern for some, and there is routinely outrage at suggestions that something must be done because that something is usually interpreted as a cull, whether or not that was actually meant. As with controversy over the water-based shows in Loro Parque, however, such people only see what is of immediate interest to them, and fail to see or actually reject the evidence that they are harming other species which have an equal right to life and safety. Now,READ MORE