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State system patients are contacted by age group for appointment by phone or text message around 24-48 hours before the appointment. This will either be in a hospital, mass vaccination centre, or local surgery  Private medical insurance patients should go to the health centre local to them and request a registration (alta) as a “displaced person without a health card” (desplazado en población sin Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual). Take your passport and TIE/empadronamiento) NB: the health centre must obviously be a state one and not a private clinic because the vaccine is only provided through the state system. If you do not know if your localREAD MORE

Spain’s response to the covid pandemic is being carried out through regional health departments within the national health policy framework. The Canaries are put in levels of alert depending on figures assessed by the Government frequently and regularly: the levels are 1 to 4 with 4 being the maximum. Full information on restrictions, rules, figures etc is HERE. 27 July: There will be no curfew. Although some regions less affected by covid have successfully imposed it, in the Canaries the Supreme Court has said no to the regional Government’s appeal against its rejection by the HIgh Court. The Court’s ruling said that the request to limitREAD MORE

Posted by Mencey The Guardian newspaper has a fascinating account HERE of how the Canaries were vaccinated in 1803, and highlights how easy we have it these days. The vaccine was produced in Spain but only survived 12 days in vitrio. The challenge was to find a method of transporting it on a long sea voyage, and the answer was a team of boys. Towards the end of the 12-day period of live vaccine, two boys would get vaccinated and then the serum from their pustules was taken to infect two more children, and so on until they arrived at their destination with fresh serum.READ MORE

Updated 22 July: Sanidad has now also activated its Contingency Plan for La Palma General Hospital so as to react to the increased demand for inpatient assistance needed because of covid.  Original post 19 July: Sanidad (Canarias) has activated the health system’s Contingency Plan in its largest hospitals because of the increased demand being placed on it currently by covid cases requiring hospital admission. In Tenerife, the hospitals concerned are Candelaria and HUC (University Hospital). This is what will be behind the recall of staff from the now closed El Mojón mass vaccination point, We have been taught that case numbers alone are no longer aREAD MORE

Updated (Janet) 19 July: And it’s bubbled up again … no change, still, though. Updated (Janet) 23 May: To those who for some reason are finding this a pressing matter right now, no there is no further update, clarity, or information. If there ever is, naturally it will be posted and until it is, the situation remains as described below. Original post (Mencey) 16 January: Following several questions lately about the rights of British Nationals to a travel discount certificate from local councils after Brexit, it’s best to post about the situation, which is one of some confusion. Since the Empadronamiento para Viajar certificate (viaje), whichREAD MORE

Photo: Loro Parque. Updated 14 July: After a tentative reopening in April, Loro Parque has said today that they can now reopen more fully. Loro Parque says that from this tomorrow, Thursday 15 July, the park will be open every day between 9.30am and 5.30pm. Management reminds the public that they can get tickets HERE and consult safety measures in place HERE. The Parque called the announcement marvellous news, and many will love the ability to return to its installations to see the work it does, particularly with birds. Original post 22 April: Loro Parque has announced that after being closed since March last yearREAD MORE