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Updated 11pm: The fire is under control tonight, thankfully, before the high winds expected actually arrive. A crew remains on site to ensure it doesn’t reactivate and present any danger. Original post 7pm, 19 October: Given the winds that are forecast this is rather concerning. Brifor and Icod bomberos are currently fighting a forest fire in the Llanito Perera area above the town that is difficult to reach by fire engines. At the request of the Cabildo’s environment department, La Orotava bomberos have joined the fight this evening, as well as Ycoden Daute volunteer firemen. Let’s hope they get this well under control before the windsREAD MORE

NB: Spain, including the Canaries, is in the New Normal: Tenerife itself is in special measures. Please see the top of the page HERE for details. If you feel at risk or infected first use the online test HERE then for further help if needed ring the free multi-lingual helpline 900 112 061. For general info use the Canarian authorities’ websites/official social media. Use 112 only for emergencies.  Updated 19 October: And a second day, thankfully, with no further deaths to record.   Total recorded cases 15,944 (5,408 TF, 8,299 GC) Fatalities 258 Recoveries 9,137 Active cases 6,549 (282 in hospital, 52 in ICU) Updated 18 October:READ MORE

It could be for the last time! The EU approved scrapping summer and winter time changes last year but decided to postpone the measure until next March so that member states could decide their preferred time zones. By Spring, therefore, we should know what time zone Spain has opted for, and if the country chooses summer time, there will only be one more clock change to come, in March itself. If they decide on winter time then we’ll be putting the clocks back next October too … and that then will be for the last time. So this weekend may or may not be the lastREAD MORE

Updated 19 October: The Tenerife Cabildo has reiterated its campaign to help the Cory’s Shearwater – the pardela – since, as I posted below, although the campaign lasts the whole month, the greatest nocturnal activity of the birds is around the end of October. And so the Cabildo asks for the public to be very aware and ready to help any stranded birds, and particularly to turn off any outside lights that could distract them. I’ve described the campaign below, where there are details of how to help the birds. Original post 2 October: We are most familiar with the Cory’s Shearwaters – the “wackaREAD MORE

The Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency) has issued an alert about a popular soft goat cheese that has been distributed to Lidl stores throughout Spain. Aesan says that the cheese is a roll type, specifically a 100g pack distributed by Jermi Käsewerk Gmbh, and marked as batch 412. The warning is for listeriosis, and there is more information HERE but if anyone has this cheese with this batch number, they are advised not to eat it but to return it to Lidl which will be removing any of the items remaining in stores from sale.READ MORE