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Staying safe in Tenerife’s heat

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NIE? Registro? “Residencia”? An Empadrona-what?!

Spanish police say they have broken up an organized criminal operation providing IPTV – the initials stand for “Internet Protocol television “, a system of viewing TV online. The streamed programmes are subject, police say, either to restrictions or payment, and so the system is legally defined as piracy. The latest raid, in which five people were arrested, was on an operation based in southern Spain, where three of the five were based, but operated throughout Europe, from the UK to Latvia.   Police say that thousands of viewers from around 30 countries paid between €50 and €500 a month for the service without realising theyREAD MORE

Photo: Peter Louer. Updated 24 March: Aemet has now issued a yellow alert for rain throughout Tenerife tomorrow. As always, yellow alerts aren’t for dangerous levels, but many parts of Tenerife should see some much needed rainfall tomorrow – alert is set for 9am to 8pm, up to 15mm per hour. Updated 6pm: Meteorological models are firming up after suggesting for a few days that some rain might be coming our way. Now, it does seem that we are to get some tomorrow, and even more on Monday, with strong winds as well. The forecasts are likely to develop over the next several hours but forREAD MORE

Updated 23 March: The association El Arca de Noé (Noah’s Ark) is holding a charity fundraiser on 6 April. El Arca de Noé is a charity in the full sense of the word (see HERE) and focuses primarily on the needs of those who for lots of reasons have been left behind: I’ve described their association and work in the posts below. After the success of the Buddies Bar fun night in February, El Arca de Noé’s next event is a Fun Day for all the Family in Los Diamantes in Los Cristianos between midday and 5pm. As before, if anyone would like to help generallyREAD MORE

With Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento issuing fines amounting to €8,714 to an owner of three potentially dangerous dogs it seemed like a good time to remind owners of these types of animals what the rules are. In this case, the owner was fined for a range of offences including not having the required public liability insurance or passing the compulsory psychometric test. Some of the offences were defined as very serious, other as “just” serious, and with three dogs, the sum added up to the considerable fine imposed. Dogs classified as “potentially dangerous breeds” are defined two ways – by breed (or cross breed) and byREAD MORE

The annual Holi Mela Festival of Colours in Adeje will be this Sunday, 24 March, in the parking area to the side of the new hotel in La Caleta from midday. As always there will be music, dance, entertainments, and above all, colour, in a living and colourful prime example of the convivencia which has become Adeje’s byword. The event is organized by the Tenerife South Hindu Association, and is getting more popular each year with tourists and residents alike.READ MORE

The annual “Guanche Cup” regatta, Fenautica, will be held in the Marina del Sur in Las Galletas on 8 & 9 June. It is now an established great success, with a huge marine fair and additional events for children, food stalls, music, competing yachts, charter craft, and much more … a great weekend for any sea-lovers! Fenautica is a genuine sea fiesta which organizers intend to appeal to residents, locals, visitors, tourists, adults, children, and sports people. There is further information on the Marina del Sur website HERE, and the video below will hopefully give a taste of the event, one not to be missed!READ MORE