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A woman was killed early this morning after being knocked down on the TF5 near San Juan de La Rambla. Emergency services say they were called out shortly before 7am with reports that a woman was unconscious after being knocked down by a vehicle, but sadly ambulance crew were unable to do anything for her due to the injuries she sustained, and she was declared dead at the scene. The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident.READ MORE

Graphic: IGN. We get low-level seismic activity here most of the time, with volcanologists assuring the public that these are within the range of normal for an active volcano, and indeed of value to avoid the build-up of a situation that could create conditions for an eruption. And so the latest cluster around 1am on Thursday 16 August is nothing to be worried about: the tremors registered by IGN were all 1.4 or 1.5 at depths of between 11 and 15 km. Once again the cluster had its epicentre under the slope of Pico Viejo, the area of previous clusters and it was followed around 7amREAD MORE

A 51-year-old Moroccan has been arrested for a knife attack on a shopkeeper in El Fraile yesterday afternoon. The man had recently left Candelaria psychiatric unit, and Arona Policía Local had to deal with strong resistance when they attempted to subdue him. Just days previously, the same man had created an altercation in Palm Mar, the incident which ended with him being taken to the psychiatric unit, but clearly almost immediately after leaving there he was on the attack again. Thankfully the shopkeeper is unharmed, though locals were alarmed by the man screaming Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great in Arabic) while being subdued. Police say,READ MORE

Thankfully there are generally very few cases of people who go missing in Tenerife, but when it happens it is terrible for all concerned, and when family and friends are either unable to speak Spanish or aren’t even in Spain, it can be really traumatic. That dreadful situation is often made even worse because no-one knows what to do or whom to turn to for help, and therefore, people often turn instead to social media: this is a great way of spreading the word around but can lead to greater confusion if the correct official procedures aren’t followed first. And so, in the hopefully veryREAD MORE

Photo: Policía Nacional. Updated 16 August: The woman who confessed starting the fire in Candelaria Hospital has been remanded in prison custody while the investigation now proceeds. The remand was ordered by the Courts after the woman refused to cooperate with the Court or even enter a plea, with the judge acknowledging that apart from her verbal confession there is no firm evidence at present as to how the fire started. She has now been imputed (named as a formal suspect) for arson endangering life and physical safety: if charged following the investigation and subsequently found guilty, she will face a prison sentence of between tenREAD MORE

Photo: Saborea Tenerife. Saborea Tenerife has released this tourism video of the eight things visitors simply have to try to get the full flavour of Canarian gastronomy. Just eight? Well, maybe the important eight – papas (potatoes), queso (cheese), miel (honey), gofio (toasted cornmeal), pescados Atlanticos (Atlantic seafood), carnes (meats), platanos y otras frutas tropicales (bananas and other tropical fruits), and of course … vino (wine)!! Or maybe just not the gofio … for me, anyway! The video’s in Spanish but the images say it all! How many have you tried?!READ MORE