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Photos: Loro Parque. Updated 15 February 2019: We’ve been following this story for almost a couple of years now, and at last Loro Parque is able to say that it is extraordinarily proud that its success with Lear’s Macaw has not only brought the bird back from the brink of extinction but that the Fundación has been able to start its programme of release to the wild in Brazil. The video below, released by the park, shows how the birds started to be acclimatized to their new free environment before they even left Tenerife, living in a mock-up of their natural territory and being provided with theREAD MORE

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a general election on 28 April. Sánchez is leader of the socialist party, PSOE, which has been in minority Government since a vote of No Confidence last summer (see HERE), and as we saw only a week ago with the proposed urban letting law (see HERE), Sánchez can’t get legislation through Parliament. He has called this election, Spain’s third in four years, after the budget itself failed to be approved. The election will be held just a month before the local and European elections and no doubt all sides will be hoping at least for a majority governmentREAD MORE

A 54-year-old British diver died this afternoon off the coast of Abades in Arico. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 4pm with reports that the man had been brought to land after getting into difficulties but needed assistance. A medic in the Control Room established from those helping the man that he was in fact in cardiac arrest; she then proceeded to give telephonic advice on how to attempt to resuscitate him while medical crews were dispatched. Sadly, despite the efforts of ambulance and helicopter crews, the man could not be helped and he was declared dead at the scene.READ MORE

Updated 13 February: Tragically, it has been confirmed tonight that this little girl died from the injuries she sustained a coupel of days ago in a fall from the third-floor of the Edf Florencia in Los Gigantes. Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento has expressed its shock and sadness, and says it will continue working to try to avoid such calamities. Original post 11 February: A three-year-old Russian child has been rushed to hospital after falling from a building in Avenida José González Forte in Los Gigantes. Emergency services say that they were called out just before half past three with reports that the little girl had fallen severalREAD MORE

Police say that they have arrested a 30-year-old La Laguna man on suspicion of terrorism offences, specifically attempting to make bombs after radicalizing himself on the internet through jihadi groups including Al Qaeda and Daesh. The Guardia Civil has not released details of the man other than his initials, E.M.C., and say that he is now being processed by the national Courts. He was known to the police, having previous form for domestic violence, and appears to have claimed that he intended to be famous one day for an action contributing to “liberating Muslim lands from infidels”. Police stress that this is a rarity inREAD MORE

Photo: Peter Louer. Updated 13 February: Both Aemet and the Canarian Government have issued alerts for winds tomorrow. It has been windy today, as far as many of us are concerned but tomorrow it will be more blustery still, and the alerts specifically concern the north-western municipalities and Santiago del Teide above all. The front that’s forecast to arrive on Friday is expected to bring some rain but above all a sensation of cold, all the more notable for the contrast with the heat the current calima has brought with it. Updated 12 February: Well the calima arrived, and in fact it was followed by another whichREAD MORE