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Photo: Sanidad. Updated 26 July: As anticipated in yesterday’s post below, Aemet’s yellow alert for high temperatures in Gran Canaria from tomorrow has now been extended to Tenerife, where 34º is forecast for west, south and east Tenerife between 10am and 8pm, especially in the medianías, and the same for Friday but for the whole of Tenerife. Updated 25 July: After a week of much cooler weather, another heatwave is approaching which will affect the islands from Thursday. Once again, Gran Canaria will face the brunt of it, with Sanidad putting southern municipalities on red alert under the Plan de Actuaciones Preventivas de los Efectos del ExcesoREAD MORE

Updated 25 July: The British ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, has written the following open letter to all UK citizens living in Spain. Given the success of the Spanish State Visit to the UK the week before last, which, among other things, highlighted the importance of people to people links between our two countries, I thought it timely to return to the subject of citizens’ rights in the negotiations on our departure from and future partnership with the EU. In the year since the EU referendum, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you across the country, from the Balearics to the Canaries, along theREAD MORE

Updated 25 July: This Friday and Saturday the Delta Aquarids peak though it’s not a prominent shower. Best viewing will be after midnight looking south, and this peak benefits from a crescent moon so skies will be dark. Updated 2 May: This coming weekend the Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks but there is a chance of seeing some a week or so either side of the peak. The shower is produced by dust particles from Halley’s comet, and although it’s better viewed from the southern hemisphere, some of the brighter meteors can still be seen after midnight, and appear anywhere in the sky even though they actually radiateREAD MORE

Photo: Sanidad. Updated 24 July: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has announced that since the analysis results are good, and since the microalgae has moved away from the coast, the council is opening Playa San Juan and Abama beaches again. The council repeats the official stance that it is a natural phenomenon and represents no risk to health except in those with some type of allergy or particular skin sensitivity. Updated 22 July: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento says that the specific analysis carried out at Playa San Juan confirms that it is microalgae carried by flow from other parts of south Tenerife, and that there is no indicationREAD MORE

The Guardia Civil has asked the public for help to find 37-year-old Antonio Enrique Carballo Ruíz who disappeared three weeks ago in La Laguna. He is 1.85m tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. Police say that anyone with any information should call 062 ot 112.READ MORE

Updated 23 July: The body of a 40-year-old Spanish woman who was reported missing yesterday was found last evening on the beach at Benijo on the north coast of Tenerife in Santa Cruz municipality. Her body has been taken to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy to be performed but she was known to swim at the beach regularly and is thought to have drowned. Updated 1 June: It’s 1 June, and with the traditional start of the high summer season in Tenerife come the statistics from the Real Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo for the first five months of 2017, and they are not good. Drownings goREAD MORE