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It transpires that the body Police reported as discovered near Siam Mall last month was that of missing Irish tourist Peter Wilson. The Finding Peter Wilson Fund page on Facebook has issued a statement on behalf of the family whose ongoing search has now come to a sad end. They thank those who were involved with and supported their campaign since he disappeared in March 2019, and say that the family is now making arrangements to have him taken home to Ireland to be laid to final rest.     READ MORE

Photo: Candelaria Ayuntamiento. It’s not what it looks like! Although there are movements afoot in various places to remove statutes that are argued to misrepresent history by honouring a deplorable subject, Candelaria Ayuntamiento’s removal of two of the Mencey statutes from the sea front by the Basilica is not because the indigenous Kings are suddenly controversial. Rather, the removal of Menceyes Romén and Tegueste from the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias is because they were at serious and imminent risk of suffering the fate of Edward Colston’s statue at Bristol harbourside and ending up in the water! Candelaria Ayuntamiento says that the sea hasREAD MORE

The Eat the World international food fair is now underway in El Corte Inglés. The fair, taking place until 24 March, will promote a wide range of food from European, American and Asian countries. Saboreando Canarias, responsible for Gastronomy Tourism promotion in the Canaries, says that the fair will give a prominent place to Spanish food as befits its well-earned international prestige, but that as its slogan ‘Eat the world’ suggests, there will be an edible tour of food from Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, the United States,READ MORE

The EU has produced a Q&A document for UK nationals about their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. The document, HERE, explains the residence rights of British nationals and their family members and describes the rules of the Withdrawal Agreement that govern issuance of residence documents. It also covers recognition of professional qualifications and rights related to social security. On this website there’s also THIS page on rights and registration of residence.    READ MORE

If you feel at risk or infected first use the online test HERE then for further help if needed ring the free multi-lingual helpline 900 112 061. For general info use the Canarian authorities’ websites/official social media. Use 112 only for emergencies. The official Canarian Government website for the outbreak with detailed breakdowns of areas at all levels in all islands is HERE. The post below is a daily breakdown of data from that site and other information released by the various Government departments dealing with the outbreak. The original post from the start of the outbreak in the H10 Costa Adeje Hotel is HERE. READ MORE

The Spanish Government’s overall vaccination programme website is HERE. The latest updated strategy document from 9 February 2021 is HERE, and THIS is a report to 17 February 2021 of the programme and its distribution and administration throughout Spain, with region by region figures. Updated 26 February: Sanidad (Spain) has revised its programme strategy for groups still to receive vaccination. The full groupings are in the graphic below. The revised strategy will provide a single dose to anyone under 55 years of age who has already had covid and whose immune response is already considerably elevated and who therefore doesn’t require the double dose, asREAD MORE