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Graphic: DGT. Updated 20 January 2019: The new speed limits will come into effect on Tuesday 29 January, Tráfico says. All roads without a central reservation and with a verge of at least 1.5m, and which hitherto have had a speed limit of 100km/h, will now have a limit of 90km/h for cars, motorbikes and buses (80km/h for other vehicles). Original post 30 December 2018: By Spring, the speed limit of 100km/h on roads without a central reservation and with a verge of at least 1.5m will be reduced to 90km/h for cars, motorbikes and buses (80km/h for other vehicles) bringing the maximum speed limit of suchREAD MORE

Photo: Alicia Barquero Padrón. Updated 19 January: The programme of almond blossom walks in the Santiago del Teide foothills has now been unveiled and is as follows: Saturday 26 January:  – 9am: General Route ALMENDROS EN FLOR a. long walk, 5 hrs, high difficulty b. short walk, 4 hrs, medium difficulty.  Sunday 27 January: – 9am: Family Route, 3 hrs, low difficulty. Saturday 2 February: – 9am: Country day with lunch, 3hrs, low difficulty. Sunday 3 February: – 9am: Tourist route, 3 hrs, low difficulty. Saturday 9 February: – 6-9pm: Legends route, 4hrs, medium difficulty. Sunday 10 February: – 9am: No barriers route, for over 60sREAD MORE

Updated 19 January: The Canarian Government has convened its scientific committee – Comité Cientí­fico del Plan Especial de Protección Civil y Atención de Emergencias por Riesgo Volcánico (Pevolca)  – to meet on Monday to consider yesterday morning’s tremor in the faultline in the sea between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, now confirmed at 4.2 magnitude and the largest earthquake measured in the archipelago in the last 30 years. Anyone who might be concerned will hopefully be reassured by the post about the educational and evacuation measures in place in the event of an eruption or need for evacuation HERE … but bear in mind that there is absolutelyREAD MORE

The International Festival and Academy of Music in Tenerife celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The festival was created in 1991 with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and musical experience between students and professors from Tenerife, and from all over the world. This year there will be a series of competitions, and chamber music concerts, for piano and strings, with young musicians from the UK, Germany, Korea, France, USA, and Tenerife. The Festival concerts will be held in two locations: February 17th – 24th At 8.00 pm Auditorio Aguamarina Golf, Avenida del Atlantico 9B, Golf Del Sur, San Miguel de Abona Entrance is next toREAD MORE

Photo: Spanish Army, Canarian Division. The Canarian Command’s Helicopter Manoeuvres Batallion VI will be carrying out more training exercises in Tenerife shortly, especially in north Tenerife between Santa Cruz and Buenavista del Norte. The authorities say that the exercises will take place from 5 and 11pm between 21 and 24 January, and 4 and 7 February. Whenever they do these exercises, helicopters are often spotted much further afield than the stated areas so we should all have a chance to see some.READ MORE