Staying safe in Tenerife waters

A dip to cool off when it’s hot is great but be safe and read here first

Staying safe in bad weather

Be aware – winter in Tenerife can sometimes be quite a wild ride

A simple paperwork checklist

NIE? Registro? “Residencia”? An Empadrona-what?!

Don’t be a crime victim this winter

Would you know what to do if you were the victim of a robbery?

Photo: International Festival and Academy of Music. The International Festival and Academy of Music in Tenerife celebrates its 16th anniversary this year. The festival was created in 1991 with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and musical experience between students and professors from Tenerife, and from all over the world. This year concerts will be held in the Aguamarina Golf auditorium (next to Golden Bay restaurant) in the Golf Del Sur from 15 -23 February. Tickets costing €6 will be available at the door. For more information: www.musicfestivaltenerife.comREAD MORE

Updated 25 January: There is seemingly enormous concern suddenly about the situation for “swallows”, those part-time residents who visit Tenerife for several months each winter. Clearly they are in a difficult position right now because they often visit Tenerife for more than three months and after 31 December 2020 will be restricted to 90 days in any 180 as are all other 3rd-country nationals (please see below, especially 20 January update). The current legal situation is that when a part-time resident arrives in Spain they must register within three months and in reverse, deregister when they leave Spain. That way they can stay as long asREAD MORE

An emergency simulation is going to be carried out in Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Spring. The drill for the crisis situation is organized by the Spanish army, specifically the Unidad Militar de Emergencia (Military Emergencies Unit), and will involve a “large-scale natural catastrophe”. The UME says that over 2,000 will be taking part in the drill which takes place here between 21-26 March and which will be based on the scenario of a simultaneous level 2 earthquake in Gran Canaria and level 3 eruption in the upper Güímar valley while a toxic cloud from both catastrophes impedes air and sea communication between theREAD MORE

This coming Sunday, 26 January, fashion writer and internationally renowned stylist, Lupe Castro (@mscastrorides), together with event organiser and owner of Slow and Co. Kim De Coster, will be hosting ‘Out With the Old, In With the Green’ – a New Year’s clothes swap they describe as the most stylish event of the season at Hotel Suite Villa María. The future of fashion is all about sustainability and swapping clothes means new looks without the environmental impact. So, this glamorous and stylish event is a way to refresh your wardrobe for 2020 while remaining sustainably on-trend without buying into fast-fashion fads. The concept is simple.READ MORE

Photo: Alicia Barquero Padrón. This year’s programme of almond blossom walks in the Santiago del Teide foothills has now been unveiled. As previously there is a range of routes with varying levels of difficulty, and for different aspects of the spectacular phenomenon. Details of them all and how to sign up for them are HERE. The annual Almendros en Flor campaign in Santiago del Teide is one of the most popular in Tenerife, and it’s now in its 23rd year. These walks are always hugely popular because they’re through a stunning environment in the hills when the almond blossom is blooming, surrounded by beauty withREAD MORE

Photo collage: Adeje Ayuntamiento. As every year, the first fiesta in Adeje’s year gives an opportunity to see some real Canarian tradition in the heart of the tourist area. The fiesta is of one of the town’s patrons, San Sebastian, and takes place in La Caleta on Sunday and Monday, 19 and 20 January, with horsemen riding into the sea, and pastoral farmers dragging their goats and sheep into the water for the animals to be blessed. The event’s draw makes it almost more a spectacular tourist event than a religious one, but despite the tens of thousands of people who turn up to watchREAD MORE