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Staying safe in Tenerife’s heat

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Staying safe in Tenerife waters

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An elderly man was killed this afternoon when a car participating in the La Laguna rally left the road between Aguantaría and La Esperanza, ploughing into a group of spectators. Several were injured but the tragedy resulted in the 72-year-old losing his life; some saying he acted heroically, saving others’ lives by pushing them out of the way of the vehicle. La Laguna Ayuntamiento has expressed its sadness and condolences to those affected, while organizers have now suspended the event.READ MORE

Police say that attacks on medical staff must stop as yet another assault has ocurred in the A&E department of HUC, when a man started insulting and then threatening staff, finally attacking them with an “electric weapon”. Hospital staff say these attacks are on the increase as underfunding and understaffing results in frustration and long waits for patients. They call for active security on duty specifically in A&E as well as in the rest of the hospital since assaults on medical staff here now measure in the hundreds every year. Medical staff say that they deserve respect for their professionalism, and that security will simplyREAD MORE

Photo: Tenerife Vial. Updated 2.30pm: It is now sadly confirmed that a woman has died and her daughter and a motorcyclist were seriously injured in this accident. Emergency services say that the lorry was heading north towards Santa Cruz but crossed the central reservation after the driver lost control, colliding with a car heading south. The car’s driver was killed in the incident and had to be freed by Bomberos: her 12-year-old daughter has been taken to Hospiten Sur with serious leg injuries. A 30-year-old motorcyclist also suffered severe leg injuries in the incident and he has been transferred to Hospital Quirón Costa Adeje.  Original post 17READ MORE

Photo: Loro Parque. Their conservation and environmental work with endangered bird species is world-renowned, and Loro Parque has again announced a marvellous operation they’ve collaborated in with the Jocotoco Foundation, an Ecuador organization formed twenty years ago to protect land of critical importance to the country’s endangered birds. In that period, the Foundation has established eleven reserves protecting over 40,000 acres which also serve to provide a protected habitat for many associated plants and animals as well as the 800 species of birds themselves, of which 50 are globally threatened. Today, Loro Parque has announced that with the support of its own Fundación, the JocotocoREAD MORE

Updated 15 July 2019: I’m very grateful once more to Blevins Frank’s Paul Montague for the following … confirmation that after Brexit, inheritance (and gift) tax levied on British nationals will still benefit from discounted rates. In Spain, inheritance tax (‘succession and gift tax’ or ‘SSGT’) is governed by both the state and the Autonomous Communities. Each of these 17 communities has the right to amend the state rules to make them more beneficial, as several have done over recent years, including here in the Canary Islands. There has been a general trend towards substantial reliefs and increased allowances, resulting in almost total exemption fromREAD MORE

A 24-year-old British man was assaulted last night in Avda Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta in Playa de las Americas, the main road running past the sports stadium, the Green Hospital, the Zentral Centre, and down to the Golden Mile. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 4am with reports of the attack, and ambulance crew treated the man at the scene before transferring him to Hospiten Sur with facial injuries which are said not to be life-threatening. The Policía Nacional are investigating the incident.   READ MORE