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Updated 24 October: Just a reminder …  Original post 19 October: It could be for the last time! The EU approved scrapping summer and winter time changes last year but decided to postpone the measure until next March so that member states could decide their preferred time zones. By Spring, therefore, we should know what time zone Spain has opted for, and if the country chooses summer time, there will only be one more clock change to come, in March itself. If they decide on winter time then we’ll be putting the clocks back next October too … and that then will be for the lastREAD MORE

Photo: Ministerio de Defensa. Around a third of the Spanish Air Force is presently training in the skies around the Canaries. They are concentrating on combat training between aircraft of different characteristics as well as conducting air superiority operations in an open ocean field. The conditions here are considered unique in Europe, so the French Air Force has joined the Spanish to test their own new weapons. Some 700 military personnel and 50 fighter planes (33 Spanish Eurofighters and F-18s, four Navy Harriers and 13 French Rafales) are taking part in the new edition of Ocean Sky, one of the most important exercises in theREAD MORE

NB: If you feel at risk or infected first use the online test HERE then for further help if needed ring the free multi-lingual helpline 900 112 061. For general info use the Canarian authorities’ websites/official social media. Use 112 only for emergencies.  Spain, including the Canaries, is in the New Normal, and Tenerife itself is in special measures: please see the top of the page of the New Normal post HERE for details. This post itself tracks the development of the outbreak and records case figures, islands in special measures, etc: it is a continuation of the original post HERE. Updated 23 October: OneREAD MORE

Updated 5pm, 23/10: Here is the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, on the new situation with the Canaries exempt from British no fly advice, and therefore with quarantine lifted on return to the UK. As you will see, there is no mention of tests. The only thing visitors have to do is fill out the locator form … and abide by the rules when here. The three main ones are face masks, distancing, and hygiene. Here’s the ambassador. 🇬🇧 The UK Goverment has today announced that The Canary Islands 🇪🇸 will be added to the travel corridors list from 4am on Sunday 25th of October.READ MORE

Photo: Puertos de Tenerife. A cayuco with 195 on board has arrived this morning at Los Cristianos. Emergency services and the Ports Authorities say that among the adult male occupants there was a baby and at least 15 children. The craft reached the harbour under its own steam while other craft have meanwhile been arriving at other islands in the archipelago through the morning. There is no clear information as yet as to their state of health but no reports of any urgent treatment needed. They will all be dealt with according to official procedures to ascertain their origin and any asylum claims, but theREAD MORE

From 4am, Sunday 25 October, there are no restrictions on travel to the Canaries, though the UK Government continues to advise against all but essential travel to the rest of Spain. Since the UK has re-established a travel corridor with the Canaries, travel insurance will be valid, FCDO/Consular services will be available for those in difficulty here, and there will be no requirement for quarantine on return from these islands. After a long road (see HERE), Spain has lifted its state of emergency but various parts of the country have local lockdowns. Elsewhere, including the Canaries, we’re in a stage known as the New Normal,READ MORE