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Graphic: IGN. There is often such confusion about whether Tenerife has a “Government” (it doesn’t) or whether the Canaries are part of the EU (they are, because they’re part of Spain) that I’ve already posted about the way Spain is divided geopolitically HERE. Now here is a video, in English, explaining how Spain is divided up, and how this works out at times of a national crisis where the devolved powers held by the autonomous communities have to be coordinated within the framework of policy determined at national level.READ MORE

The Canaries are under regional restrictions defined by “levels”: Tenerife is in amber level 2 until 24.00h on 7 March, and the principal rules are: Curfew of 11pm to 6am, and although travel around the island is not banned, the public is asked to restrict movement as much as possible  face masks must be worn by everyone of 6 years of age and above at all times and places regardless of distancing. Fabric masks are legal but if attending a hospital or doctor’s surgery, masks must be of the hygenic or surgical type from a chemist or sanitary provisions supplier (see HERE) exemptions exist forREAD MORE

If you feel at risk or infected first use the online test HERE then for further help if needed ring the free multi-lingual helpline 900 112 061. For general info use the Canarian authorities’ websites/official social media. Use 112 only for emergencies. The official Canarian Government website for the outbreak with detailed breakdowns of areas at all levels in all islands is HERE. The post below is a daily breakdown of data from that site and other information released by the various Government departments dealing with the outbreak. The original post from the start of the outbreak in the H10 Costa Adeje Hotel is HERE. READ MORE

I hope you enjoy this video from Loro Parque explaining how they work with birds and other animals, naturally, but in this case it’s how confidence is generated in birds to such an extent that we can see Blue, a Hyacinth macaw, in free flight. This bird, the video explains, is the largest parrot on earth, with a beak that can crack walnuts since it has a “bite” that is one of the most powerful in the world. Loro Parque’s work with this particular bird is vital because it is under severe threat of extinction. The Fundación has indeed saved other macaws such as theREAD MORE

Updated 23 February: Spain has extended its ban on non-resident or non-Spanish national arrivals from the UK for the fourth time to 5pm, 16 March, hardly a surprise, really. Such arrivals from Brasil and South Africa are also banned because of the variants associated with those countries but they, unlike British arrivals, are required to undergo a compulsory ten day quarantine after arrival.   Updated 20 February: I hadn’t quite appreciated how determined some people are to travel even where it would break two countries’ laws and risk any number of lives in a global pandemic but hey ho, such is human nature. An escritura isREAD MORE

Updated 23 February:  Clearly the Great Return Home continues and so I’m updating this post for people to see what is required for their return to the UK. The main link remains THIS one but those below are also still relevant. I repeat that I am not a travel adviser and in any case cannot give official information beyond that which has already been covered in the links provided by the British Government itself. If you remain in need of further clarification after reading the Government’s information you will need to contact your airline or even GovUK direct. Original post 11 February: It is clearREAD MORE