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Staying safe in Tenerife’s heat

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Staying safe in Tenerife waters

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Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. Updated 25 August: After what seems an age, and a horribly muggy weekend, the Canarian Government has lifted its maximum temperatures alert from midnight tonight as the heat passes – very gradually and slowly, but it’s cooling. I doubt it will be the last this summer, but for the moment, we can expect slightly cooler weather tomorrow. Please note, however, that the forest fire risk alert remains in place, as does the Cabildo ban on fire risk activities in the mountains. Updated 23 August: A fire that broke out around midnight last night in the Vista La Huerta area of La Esperanza wasREAD MORE

Photo: Gran Canaria Cabildo. Updated 25 August: The original fire in Gran Canaria, the Artenara fire, has been declared extinguished. Finally! It was brought under control on 14 August. The authorities stress, however, that the Valleseco fire is still not extinguished, and that firefighters are still dealing with it. They remind the public of the repeated requests to stay away from the peak areas, and those affected by the fire. But the Artenara fire, at least, is over. Updated 24 August: It’s blowing what is familiarly called a hoolie, and temperatures are well above 30º, and humidity below 30%. Maximum risk conditions, and the Valleseco fireREAD MORE

Photo: FCO. Updated 22 August 2019: Hugh Elliott, a member of the UK’s Diplomatic Service since 1989, succeeds Simon Manley as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Spain and non-resident Ambassador to Andorra. The Ambassador takes up this new role having previously been Director of Communications in the Department for Exiting the European Union. On his arrival, Hugh Elliott said: “With a wealth of cultural, commercial, and people-to-people links, the relationship between the UK and Spain is like no other, and I am proud and honoured to represent my Queen and country here in Spain.” For the Ambassador, this strong connection with Spain has been an important part ofREAD MORE

Photo: Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento. Updated 22 August: Puerto de la Cruz`Public Health Department has lifted the ban on bathing at San Telmo beach. As of midday today it is open to the public again.   Original post 21 August: Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento has said that San Telmo beach has been closed to bathers today after routine analysis showed alterations in the biological parameters that required the precaution. The measure is temporary until further analyis shows the quality of the water has returned to levels required by public health safety standards. The council apologises for the inconvenience and says it will inform the publicREAD MORE

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento. Updated 22 August: Arona Ayuntamiento says that the latest analyses show the water is fit for bathing and so the restriction has been lifted. The tape cordoning off the area has been removed and the public can use the beach again. Original post 21 August: Arona Ayuntamiento says that it has closed the Las Galletas harbour area to bathers after routine water quality tests detected the presence of Enterococcus bacteria. It is an area, the council says, that doesn’t have any outlet pipes or spillways, so it is thought that the problem has come from the bottom of boats in the bay, anREAD MORE

Photo: Loro Parque. Loro Parque says that after helping in the rescue of 20 red-masked parakeets that were illegally captured, the birds were released in a reintroduction program back into their native habitat where they have adapted and are now able to interact with their peers in the wild. The scheme is part of an important conservation effort with the Jocotoco Foundation in Ecuador, and the birds are now in the Buenaventura Reserve where a large outdoor aviary allows the birds to adjust to their home surroundings before being completely released back into the wild. Since the capture of this kind of parrots occurs moreREAD MORE