Registration matters

Make sure your documents are correct now that the UK has left the EU

Staying safe in Tenerife’s heat

Think it can never be too hot? Stay cool! and be safe in the hottest months

Staying safe in Tenerife waters

A dip to cool off when it’s hot is great but be safe and read here first

Forest fires

How to help prevent forest fires, and what the “three 30s” are all about

Updated 14 July: This is wonderfully supportive and reassuring. Thank you Spain, and HMA Hugh Elliott and your team too. “The Spanish Government is here to support you in this new phase and we want to send you a very clear message: this is, and will always be your home.” @jalloul_hana and @HughElliottUK send a joint message to UK Nationals in Spain.@inclusiongob @ukinspain — Secretaría de Estado de Migraciones (@SEstadoMigr) July 14, 2020 Updated 12 July: The Spanish Government has produced THIS guide about the Withdrawal Agreement and the situation of British nationals resident in Spain. At present it’s just in Spanish and I don’tREAD MORE

It’s only five days since the last heatwave passed (see HERE) but another one is approaching. Temperatures will start to rise from tomorrow, forecasters say, but although the new episode will last for at least a week, and so longer than the last one, it won’t be quite so severe. The hottest days are likely to be Saturday and Sunday. Sanidad has drawn attention particularly to the danger for the public in Tenerife in the areas of Adeje, Arafo, Candelaria, Fasnia, Granadilla de Abona, Güimar, La Orotava and San Miguel de Abona, especially this coming weekend. Please also see HERE for official guidance on staying safe inREAD MORE

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo Updated 14 July: The Cabildo began to clear the illegal settlements early this morning, with Tenerife President Pedro Martín himself on site to supervise the start of the works. The Cabildo has confirmed that the clearance is being coordinated with the Canarian Government and Adeje Ayuntamiento, and carried out with assistance from police and security forces. Local residents cheered as the dismantling and removals started, saying it has been years since they’ve been able to use their own beach because of the okupas (squatters), many suggesting other areas where they say similar action is urgently needed. Original post 12 June: The TenerifeREAD MORE

Updated 6pm, 13/7: The Canarian Government has confirmed today to the Spanish Interterritorial Health Council that it is considering the best ways to strengthen the obligation to wear face masks and will decide in regional Government Cabinet on Thursday exactly what measures will be announced. Sanidad (Canaries) says that it is already working on a proposal for measures adapted to the situation in the archipelago bearing in mind the spikes of the covid19 outbreak that have been registered recently in areas throughout Spain, and the responses of other regional Governments.  We will know more, clearly, on Thursday or Friday this week. Updated 12 July: Joining Catalonia,READ MORE

13 July: HERE – bit of a darker one, perhaps, today … turismofobia, masks, conspiracy theories, patera refugees’ tests and processing … hopefully Thursday’s will be a bit lighter! Alternative link is HERE. 9 July: HERE – a CovExitCast … we’re morphing! Covid19, tourism, and the new TIE as far as we know to date. It can also be listened to on twitter HERE if there’s a problem with the link. 6 July: HERE – a plea to returning tourists, the current heatwave, and the new TIE with details from the Consul for southern Spain and the Canaries herself. If you find the link problematic (IREAD MORE

Spain’s estado de alarma has been lifted, and the country’s borders are partially open: all Schengen & EU countries including the UK may enter the country, as well as 15 third-countries that have been deemed appropriate by the EU. Tenerife has left phase 3 and so we are in the New Normal, a stage likely to last until Spain declares an end to the health emergency, which the Government has indicated will only be when a vaccine is developed or a guaranteed treatment becomes available. The main effects for us personally are: arrivals do not have to quarantine but must fill out a form withREAD MORE