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Staying safe in Tenerife waters

A dip to cool off when it’s hot is great but be safe and read here first

Staying safe in bad weather

Be aware – winter in Tenerife can sometimes be quite a wild ride

A simple paperwork checklist

NIE? Registro? “Residencia”? An Empadrona-what?!

Don’t be a crime victim this winter

Would you know what to do if you were the victim of a robbery?

Updated 11 November: Spain’s political statis seems set to continue after yesterday’s election with the Socialist PSOE winning but without an overall majority. PM Pedro Sánchez says that he will now look for ways of breaking the deadlock and announce plans shortly. The two stories of the day, however, are the collapse of the centre-right Ciudadanos (Citizens’ Party) who were once on the verge of coalition Government but who have now plummeted to sixth place nationally with Party leader Albert Rivera resigning this morning, and the meteoric rise of the far-right Vox, polling in third nationally and actually winning in the Murcia region. Apart fromREAD MORE

Arona Ayuntamiento says that this year’s Los Cristianos wine and food festival will be held at the Plaza Pescadora on the Paseo Marítimo around the harbour between 12 noon and midnight on Saturday 23 November. There’ll be Canarian wine on offer with traditional tapas, and live music and dancing as well. This is the third time for this event which has already become a very popular annual Canarian food fest in the approach to the Christmas season, and this year is not likely to be any different!READ MORE

Photo: Gobcan. The Canarian Government’s Security and Emergencies Board (Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias) has had its work cut out to stop an environmental disaster after a tanker lorry full of fuel fell down the Barranco de la Hondura in the Tacoronte area and ended up perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. The accident happened at the end of last month, and a recovery operation has been in the planning for the past couple of weeks not only to retrieve the lorry, but to make arrangements for the 3,000 litres of diesel it had on board. The Cabildo has published the following videoREAD MORE

PuzzleAtípico is a Canarian video and performance group made up of young people with Asperger’s Syndrome, and it’s starting its fourth season now with a call for artists and collectives to participate in a project run by the Aspercan Association and the Tenerife Living Arts Laboratory, and supported by the Teatro Leal de La Laguna. The project proposes to use various artistic disciplines like theatre, dance, performance and video art to create projects linked to individual and collective identity. Those interested have until 2 December to contact PuzzleAtípico, and there is more information about the terms and conditions, as well as registration, HERE.READ MORE

Photo: Royal British Legion. Tomorrow, it will be 101 years since the end of WW1, but it is today when church and civil services will be remembering those who died in the Great War, the war known as the war to end all wars. Those years are nothing in terms of time, just over a single lifetime, but all those lives lost in that conflict, and not just in the Great War but in WW2 as well, and the Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and others, didn’t have their full lifetime. And their loved ones found their own lifetimes changed forever by loss and grief. LivingREAD MORE

Updated 10 November: Anyone looking for a proxy to vote next month, and anyone who is prepared to be a proxy for a British national in Europe, can now fill in a simple form, and will be told this coming week if there’s a constituency match … proxy voters must vote in the absent person’s constituency. Please click HERE for more information. Updated 7 November: The FCO has issued the following statement on exchanging British driving licences. The special measures put in place by the Spanish Department of Transport for UK nationals to exchange their driving licence have now been extended, so that the deadlineREAD MORE