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Staying safe in Tenerife waters

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Staying safe in bad weather

Be aware – winter in Tenerife can sometimes be quite a wild ride

A simple paperwork checklist

NIE? Registro? “Residencia”? An Empadrona-what?!

Don’t be a crime victim this winter

Would you know what to do if you were the victim of a robbery?

Photo: Rallymotor2000. Arona Ayuntamiento’s tourism and sports departments have announced the 17th Subida Arona – La Escalona rally will be held this coming weekend, 18 and 19 October. The race, organized by Escudería Zapatera Sport Arona, contributes to the national championships and is an international one bringing competitors from far and wide. The organizers have aimed for years to set Arona as the national capital of mountain rallying, and say that the race is the most important and prestigious rally held in Tenerife, being internationally recognized as such. The event has a dedicated website HERE (remove the s from the https if there’s a problemREAD MORE

Updated 11 October: The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has issued the following open letter to all British nationals living in Spain. An open letter from the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to UK nationals living in Spain In less than a month, the will of the British people will be delivered and the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. This, of course, will be a time of transition. But for those living in Spain, I want to assure you that as Foreign Secretary, I am working to ensure that your rights and access to services remain as strong as ever. From Madrid to Malaga, and BarcelonaREAD MORE

Updated 8 October: The family of the young man who fell into the sea has identified the body found yesterday and confirmed that it is him. The sad confirmation will at least hopefully allow the family to begin to try to find some closure in this tragic case. Updated 5pm: Emergency services say that they’ve made the sad discovery of a body in a cave some meters under water on the Puerto de la Cruz coastline. Clearly, the tragic news is very likely to relate to the young man who fell into the sea on Saturday though this is yet to be officially confirmed. Updated 7READ MORE

Last Chance: If you are a British national living in Tenerife and still not registered as resident in Spain, or are unclear as to the permanent nature of your status, the Spanish authorities have released a batch of appointments specifically for the purpose, which are available through the FOCUS group, the Adeje volunteer lobby group for international residents . Since the appointment slots in the South have already all been allocated, these released appointments are all in Santa Cruz. Anyone who has still not sorted out their legal residence in Spain, and who meets the criteria for registration explained HERE, should email the Focus groupREAD MORE

Many shops and offices will be closed this Saturday 12 October for the celebration of Día de la Hispanidad, or Spain Day. The national public holiday commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus on 12 October 1492, something that has particular significance for Spain because it transformed the still developing modern nation into a global empire which lasted until 1898. To celebrate, many provincial capitals, including Santa Cruz in Tenerife, will hold a military parade, the main one being in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón which is attended by the Royal Family and the most important members of state including the Government and theREAD MORE

There are two meteor showers this month, and the first is the Draconids on Tuesday, followed by the Orionids peaking on the 21st but with a very wide window either side. The Draconids are rarely spectacular or plentiful, but the Orionids offer more of a show, being the remnants of the tail of Halley’s comet. Like the Draconids, the Orionids can be seen anywhere in the sky even though they technically radiate from the constellation Orion. For a full list of the other meteor showers this year, see HERE.READ MORE