A 33-year-old woman died around 1.20pm this afternoon after an accident between her car and a lorry on the Granadilla to El Médano road (TF-64) near the San Isidro Co-op. Emergency services were sent to the scene but despite the paramedics’ best efforts to resuscitate her, she was declared dead at the scene.READ MORE

Update 3 February 3pm: Just to update once more, the Tenerife Cabildo has issued the recommendation that because of the high winds forecast, the public should not make unnecessary journeys during this weekend. The Cabildo says that the recommendation especially applies to the northwest and southeast of the island, where the winds are expected to be strongest. The Cabildo requests the public to: Avoid going out as much as possible, and shut and secure doors and windows during the strong winds. Take in or secure any objects that could be blown away, such as flowerpots, outdoor furniture, blinds, etc. If you have to go out,READ MORE

Update 3 February: Jet2 has denied that it is planning to cut flights to Tenerife. Despite what the Cabildo claimed on Wednesday, Jet2 said that although these preferential rates are important the company had no intention of linking its presence in the islands with them. I see there’s no denial of price increases though ….. Original post 1 February: The new national Government has eliminated the Canaries’ preferential air tax rates, and almost immediately, the Tenerife Cabildo has confirmed that as a consequence, flights to Tenerife have been reduced by Jet2 and Monarch. Both companies had increased their flights in 2011 but now say they areREAD MORE