Two youngsters on a school trip to the Masca barranco had to be rescued just before 5 this afternoon.  Both were 17-year-old boys, and although one had suffered no worse than a sprained ankle, the other was suffering from an undefined problem, aparently a seriously raised pulse. The lad with a sprained ankle was transferred by helicopter to Adeje Consorcio helipad, from which he was transferred by ambulance to Hospitén Sur. The other boy is said to have been seriously affected by the walk but was stabilized at the scene before Bomberos took him by sea to Los Gigantes harbour – he was apparently very closeREAD MORE

IGN has announced a tremor of 2.2 on the Richter Scale in the Teide national park. The tremor, small in real terms, was registered just after 6.30 this morning. What makes it worth real mention is that it was very close to the surface, at a depth of just 2 km.READ MORE

Adeje Ayuntamiento has committed to stamping out illegal massages on the municipality’s beaches and promenades. Information posters will be set up and leaflets distributed to beach users advising of the dangers the activity can represent. Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, health councillor Rafael Dolado García, and the general secretary of the Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Canarias Manuel Betencor Pérez gave a press conference today in which they launched their campaign: they said the intention was not just to preserve the health of the public but of Adeje itself, and to commit to its good touristic image. They stressed that the only person who is accreditedREAD MORE

Update 31 May 2012: Well, I don’t imagine it’s gone away in the last year and half since I last posted about this problem, but prostitution has again become a huge issue in Playa de las Américas. Once again, it’s concentrated in Calles de Llanos de Troya and Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, say residents of the area, according to whom sex is being offered … and practised … in the open from around 9pm to 7am. Residents say, too, that there are even more girls on the streets than previously, something they put down to the economic crisis because there are also men there now selling theirREAD MORE

Google is updating its images of Tenerife for Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth. The company’s distinctive cars will be seen in many roads and streets throughout the island over the next several days obtaining high resolution images to improve the island’s online visibility. I will be interested to hear of anyone who sees one: unlike the previous nondescript version, these cars are not only distinguished by the camera mounted on the top but are brightly painted with a google map and with green doors with “Google maps Street View” written on them.READ MORE

Update 30 May: The Canarian Government has now approved the law of “medidas Administrativas y Fiscales” with which they aim to lessen the shortfall in funding from Madrid, and which includes the rise of IGIC. The Government says that despite representations from, particularly Ashotel, there will be no changes in the provisions for the tourist sector. The measures will be put before the Canarian Parliament tomorrow to initiate the proceedings; these are expected to come into force on 1 July. Original post 22 April: The Canarian Government has announced a range of measures to replace regional income lost in the cuts made by Madrid in the recentREAD MORE