Emergency services say that a 44-year-old Güímar man was knocked down and killed by a bus on the TF1 at Güímar just after 8pm this evening. Paramedics who attended the scene were unable to assist him given the severity of the injuries he sustained in the accident. The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident, and all that’s known at the moment is that the bus was not “discretional transport”, so not on a regular route.READ MORE

I know when we used to visit here, many years ago now, I used to love any film I could find about flying into Tenerife South, so I hope people like this video from Martin Lawson of a complete approach from north of Tenerife, down the whole west coast, and around to landing at TFS Reina Sofia. I think the video is absolutely stunning!READ MORE

Tenerife Turismo has released a new video of how they’re promoting the island abroad. And in cold and wet London, they’ve set up mini-tableaux showing “different ways of getting wet”. Hopefully it will have introduced a bit of sunny warmth into those people who saw these scenes, and the idea that here’s a great place to come on holiday!READ MORE

The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office says that the Dept of Work and Pensions will not accept any excuses for benefits fraud from British nationals who live abroad. The FCO highlights the case of a 69-year-old British man living in Murcia, southwest Spain who has been handed two suspended prison sentences for claiming that being penniless and homeless had left him no choice but to make a fraudulent claim for benefit. He had failed to tell the DWP that he owned half of a property in Spain when making a claim for Pension Credit. Apart from the suspended custodial sentences, he will now also have to repayREAD MORE