This is the calendar of regional and national public holidays for 2022, with the two municipal fiesta days still to be confirmed.

1 January – Año Nuevo/New Year’s Day
6 January – Epifanía del Señor/Epiphany
2 February – Tenerife’s island day for the fiesta of the Virgen de la Candelaria
14 April – Jueves Santo/Maundy Thursday
15 April – Viernes Santo/Good Friday
30 May – Día de Canarias
15 August – Asunción de la Virgen/Assumption
12 October – Fiesta Nacional de España/Spain Day
1 November – Todos los Santos
6 December – Día de la Constitución Española/Spanish Constitution Day
8 December – Inmaculada Concepción/Immaculate Conception
26 December – Natividad del Señor/Christmas Day (alt because 25 Dec is Sunday)

In addition to the above 12 public holidays (11 regional/national plus 1 island day), each municipality has its own two days, chosen locally and then approved by the Government- This brings the total number of holidays in any given area to 14, and the fact that something is always happening somewhere can create the impression that the whole of Tenerife is constantly on holiday. These local fiestas will be published in due course after the municipalities inform the Government of their two days which they must do within one month of the above being published officially.