Updated 26 January 2017: And finally it is over. Former mayor José Alberto González Reverón has been found guilty of continuous official misconduct, and sentenced to 17 years disqualification from holding public office and fined €6,500. Eleven other councillors, technicians and a businessman involved in “operations”, some of whom have been found guilty of bribery in addition to official misconduct, have been similarly disqualified from public office, fined up to €700,000, and some have received prison sentences of up to six years. Some sources have expressed surprise that despite this final verdict being the third guilty verdict Reverón has received, he himself has not received aREAD MORE

It’s never ending in Arona. The municipality doesn’t have a PGO; it has new lifeguards but the case and outstanding payment of the old ones is still in court; there are several versions of the “Caso Arona” in court which could see jail sentences imposed on members of the past and present administrations; and several members of the ruling party are additionally in court for illegally keeping former mayor Reverón in power when the courts had ruled him corrupt and disqualified him from office. All that is well recorded – for the various posts just put “Arona chaos” or “Arona court” in the search box! And nowREAD MORE

It never rains but it pours, and in Arona, it is currently pouring. In addition to the annulment of the municipality’s PGO and the shame of the various elements of the Caso Arona finally coming to court (link, another link, and again here), now Arona Court 3 has imputed (named as formal suspects) the current mayor and 13 councillors over the ruling in 2012 that barred ex-mayor Reverón from holding office. Then mayor Reverón had been found guilty of misconduct in official office, specifically with respect to traffic of influence in contracting staff, but the court’s judgment was ignored with the mayor continuing in office until his appeal was heard. HeREAD MORE

Update 17 June 2014: The Canarian Supreme Court has now confirmed the High Court’s judgment on Arona’s PGO, and has annulled the general municipal plans on the grounds of eight failures related to the processing and management of the territorial planning which started in 1997. The judgment confirmed the denuncias made by Ciudadanos por Arona councillor José Antonio Reveron and lawyer Felipe Campos, and in devastating fashion confirmed most of the arguments that Arona’s PGO was invalid because of “planning irregularities”, illegal land reclassifications, and corruption. The case is, of course, closely linked to ongoing hearings known collectively as Caso Arona which is now in court: the vast majority of the Coalición Canaria ruling group haveREAD MORE

If you feel at risk or infected first use the online test HERE then for further help if needed ring the free multi-lingual helpline 900 112 061. For general info use the Canarian authorities’ websites/official social media. Use 112 only for emergencies. For the restrictions in place due to the pandmic, please see HERE. The official Canarian Government website for the outbreak with detailed breakdowns of areas at all levels in all islands is HERE. The post below is a daily breakdown of data from that site and other information released by the various Government departments dealing with the outbreak. The original post from the startREAD MORE

This was the original Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in Tenerife post but it became too unwieldy so it has been cropped. The updates following those below are HERE. Updated 19 September: Today’s figures include another two fatalities. Total recorded cases 11,753 (currently 3,344 in Tenerife, 6,652 in Gran Canaria) Fatalities 212 Recoveries 4,817 Active cases 6,724 (261 in hospital, 57 in ICU) Updated 18 September: Today’s figures include another fatality. Total recorded cases 11,569 (currently 3,276 in Tenerife, 6,556 in Gran Canaria) Fatalities 210 Recoveries 4.723 Active cases 6,636 (263 in hospital, 59 in ICU) The Government has issued another accumulated figures report today with figuresREAD MORE