Emergency services say that a 48-year-old British paraglider was rescued unhurt this afternoon after falling onto and getting tangled up in electric cables in La Corona, Los Realejos. Bomberos attending the scene managed to cut him free so that he could fall onto a canvas safety net held over some soft undergrowthREAD MORE

Every few years or so we hear of a spectacular operation to rescue a paraglider who’s become tangled up in cables, or trees, or similar (eg HERE), and thankfully it rarely results in worse than a fright for the paraglider. And this lunchtime was no different when a 69-year-old Chinese paraglider ended up suspended some 20m in the air from some rocks after taking-off near the Carretera del Este in Puerto de la Cruz. Emergency services say that they were called out just after noon with reports that the man had become tangled and needed help. Various units were dispatched to the scene, including aREAD MORE

Photos: 112 Canaries A Polish paraglider was lucky to be rescued uninjured this morning after falling into some trees on a vertical slope in the La Corona area of Los Realejos yesterday evening. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 6pm with reports of the accident in which the man had become entangled in the tree’s branches. Due to the terrain a search and rescue helicopter was disapatched but the vertical slope meant that it could not actually approach near enough to carry out the rescue. After scanning the area from the air, the crew helped to guide a team of bomberos to theREAD MORE

Quite a major operation has been underway since around 6pm this evening to rescue a 50-year-old paraglider who became tangled in high power electrical cables as he came down to land over the TF13 near the mirador Playa El Arenal north of La Laguna. Around 10pm he was finally released and transferred to hospital, thankfully with only minor injuries, but the operation to release him required the involvement of police, a rescue helicopter and finally bomberos with a self-propelling telescopic 50m crane. Electricity supplies to Punta del Hidalgo and Las Carboneras had to be shut off to make the cable safe while the rescue was underway. It’s not all that easy to make out the situation inREAD MORE