Following the usual response to the usual type of media reportage of British Government statements about travel, the whole of the UK now seems to think that the Canaries have already been removed from the no-fly advice and that they are already in a green list allowing travel.  A few points … The reports are untrue, or rather they completely jump the gun because the UK is not announcing anything until (probably) Friday, a delay in announcing a decision that has still not been taken because the Government is rather preoccupied with council elections, a Hartlepool by-election, and the Scottish Parliamentary elections, even if theyREAD MORE

Photo: Norwegian. Updated 5 May: Reacting to the news of the closure of Norwegian’s bases in the Canaries, the hoteliers’ association Ashotel says the decision exposes the islands’ Achilles’ heel, and that it’s “very bad news” that weakens our connectivity. Ashotel says that it has been warning for months that the global pandemic would not only naturally and logically affect the mobility of tourists but also that it would affect the connectivity of the Islands with the outside world. Association president Jorge Marichal said that it was inevitable that the pandemic would take its toll on airlines after so many months of tourist closures, andREAD MORE

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. We are all very familiar with how wonderful Tenerife’s wines are, the subject of books like the Epic Wines of the Canary Islands, and regularly winning competitions at an international level and a regional one. And in this last respect, the annual Agrocanarian Wine Competition has just been held for the 21st time with 181 samples representing the eleven DOPs (Denominación de Origen Protegida) taking part. Last year the winner was a Malvasia, an aromática dulce (sweet aromatic) that is in fact the very type that Shakespeare celebrated, and the particular winner was part of of the Brumas de Ayosa wines producedREAD MORE

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be peaking overnight tomorrow, Wednesday 5-6 May, an above average shower that runs from late April to the middle of May. Although best seen from the southern hemisphere it’s still worth looking for nearer the equator in the northern hemisphere, but this year it will mean a very early (or late!) start … look towards the east and southeast from around 3.30am or so. The full list of 2021’s other meteor showers is HERE.READ MORE

Original photo: Turismo Canarias. 3 May: Clio and I were joined by Cheryl today to talk about how she managed to get herself and her husband registered as state health system patients here making them now eligible for vaccination … and we talk about the missing children and the Day of the Cross. It’s HERE. 26 April: Our latest is HERE … on the local vaccine rollout – and Karen Cochrane with a brilliantly concise and really important piece about submitting tax returns if you’ve been on ERTE even if you don’t normally need to submit them!  And appreciation of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar forREAD MORE