A body was found in the Teide National Park this morning. The grim discovery was made at an altitude of 3,000m and the Guardia Civil and GES search and rescue teams have been involved in its recovery. It is considered likely that it is the missing Tenerife athlete Victor Teni who disappeared while training in 2014, but as yet there is no firm confirmation of the body’s identity.READ MORE

Photo: Sanidad. Updated 20 October: Well, the last calima wasn’t the last blast of summer after all, and it seems we can expect another one next week again. The weekend might see quite a bit of cloud and even a spot of rain in some parts, especially in the north, but  it won’t last and the wind will start strengthening with temperatures starting to rise from Sunday.  Meteorologists say this one won’t be as strong as the last, but thermometers should record 30º easily throughout the islands. Updated 13 October: It’s still not time to start the “winter weather” post yet because summer is refusing toREAD MORE

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced one of its regular series of Canarias Folk Fests in the Plaza de La Pescadora on the harbour promenade in Los Cristianos. Typical Canarian foods, arts and crafts will all be on display, with a traditional Christmas market, music, dancing, etc. The markets start at 4pm, and evening entertainment around 8.30pm, and as the poster shows there will be several of these events a month over the whole Christmas period, running every Thursday from 16 November to 14 December, and again from 11 January to 22 February, and finally on 15 and 22 March.  READ MORE

Canarian health department Sanidad’s 2017 winter flu vaccination campaign has started, with vaccinations available from health centres from this coming Monday, 23 October. Sanidad says that it will not cease in its efforts to continue to increase the numbers covered by the vaccine, especially among the most vulnerable, and reminds the public that even though there has not been an epidemic in the last few years, hospital A&E units are still overwhelmed each winter with numbers needing assistance. Those in the groups most at risk are the elderly, the chronically ill, those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women, the morbidly obese, and health workers themselves. Sanidad has bought over aREAD MORE

The body of a woman in her 50s has been found this evening in a garage in Añaza, the area where the Carrefour commercial centre is at the TF1 junction with the TF2. Head and facial injuries suggest that the woman had been beaten, and the National Police are investigating the incident while an autopsy is carried out to ascertain the exact cause of death.READ MORE

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. Various emergency rescue and insular environmental services gathered in the Masca Barranco this morning to study how it might be possible to reduce the number of accidents suffered by walkers. The meeting is opportune given that two visitors have died in the past three weeks while hiking in the barranco: a German man died yesterday, and a Norwegian at the end of September. Some of the solutions being considered include restricting access to routes down the barranco, and perhaps a permit scheme. Hopefully whatever ideas they come up with will help to reduce the considerable number of accidents which walkers suffer, sometimes withREAD MORE