CajaMar Tenerife Bluetrail 2018

The CajaMar Tenerife Bluetrail mountain race 2018 will be held on Saturday, 9 June. The event is billed as the highest race in Spain and the second highest in Europe, and it’s cerainly one of the most gruelling events around. It’s organised by the Tenerife Cabildo, and Tenerife President Carlos Alonso said in yesterday’s official presentation that some 1,600 runners from 28 countries are already signed up to take part this year to run up, over, and around Mt Teide.

There is a range of “modalities” so that everyone can take part … everyone, that is, who is into mountain running and extreme sports! The event has an official website HERE with details for those who would like to sign up to take part, and for those, perhaps the majority, who will be interested to watch the races from the sidelines. This is what it’s like for those taking part …


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