Los Cristianos Wine Festival 2017, Saturday 18 February

Updated 18 February: And it’s off, and although it’s only just an hour underway, there are already crowds there, and it doesn’t finish until 11pm or so! This photo is from Arona Ayuntamiento at 1pm.

Updated 17 February: Just a reminder of the wine festival tomorrow in Los Cristianos. Events start around midday but go on until 11pm or so around the Plaza de la Pescadora near the harbour and the surrounding area.

Original post 3 February: The annual Los Cristianos Wine Festival will be held on Saturday, 18 February, around the Paseo Marítimo and centred at the Plaza de la Pescadora near the harbour. The whole event lasts from midday until 10pm with some 20 stands set up by bodegas belonging to the five regulatory councils for Tenerife’s Denomination of Origin wines, as well as some local bars and restaurants: most will be selling wine, but some will sell tapas. In the evening from 6pm, harbour area restaurants and bars will also be joining the event, so all in all, it will be a real wine and tapas day for Los Cristianos.


  1. Is there a wine festival this year? Thanks.

    1. Author

      I have not seen any promotion for one. Of course I will post if I do.

  2. What was the name if the band playing that had a female drummer?

    1. Author

      I’m sorry I don’t know. The names of the two bands playing that I do actually know are Banda Pixie Dixieland and batucada Tambwana, but I don’t know how much help that is.

  3. is there an itinerary? information about the event? Entrance fees? Showcased wines? food services?

    1. Author

      As it says above, there will be around 20 stands, most selling wine, but some selling tapas. This is in the harbour area, so a public space. There is no entrance fee. As to showcased wines, as it says above, the stands will be set up by bodegas producing Tenerife’s Denomination of Origin wines.

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