I first started posting on the inspections and “plan especial” being carried out by the Canarian Government against “illegal letting” in December 2010. Since then, a huge amount of information has been posted, and since it ranges over such a period of time, I thought it useful to contain it all within a single page. Below, in reverse chronological order, are all the posts I’ve made with regard to the situation as it has developed.

Canarian Government redrafts Vivienda Vacacional decree in line with Monopolies Commission demands (18 September 2015 – ongoing)
Hacienda’s new measures forcing holiday rental intermediaries to provide comprehensive details of owners and properties come into force in July (17 September 2017-8 January 2018)
Agencia Tributaria Canaria statement on tax situation for private rentals under new Vivienda Vacacional Decree (30 June 2015)
Letting a property in the Canaries (1 June 2015)
Canarian Government’s letting regulation for private holiday rentals (8 November 2014-28 May 2015)
Canarian government’s new (2013) tourism legislation review sees law finally approved (28 May 2014-22 April 2015)
Translation of draft regulation for private letting (16 December)
Illegal letting inspectors now posing as Turismo quality researchers with questionnaires (29 November)
Turismo’s draft regulation for private rentals to be unveiled this Monday, 10 November (8 November, 12 December)
Illegal letting cases consolidation report (21 August, 2 September)
Constitutional Court backs Canarian tourism law (17, 21 February 2014, 3 July)
One owner’s experience of being blackmailed for illegal letting – by her own holidaymakers (5 February 2014)
Alotca announcement – looking to the future (6 November 2013)
Alotca announcement (16 September, 8-14 October)
Canarian Government starts procedure to collect unappealed illegal letting fines (19 August)
Class action update (26 July)
Communication to readers from José Escobedo and Santiago Saenz, Tenerife Litigation (5 June)
First illegal letting appeals reach Court (20-28 May)
It’s not just the Canaries (3 April)
Illegal letting situation in a nutshell (31 March)
Update on illegal letting situation (14-25 March 2013)
New tourism law (22 September 2012, 7 February 2013, 2 June, 16 June)
Options for those appealing Turismo fines as Government presses ahead with enforcement  (24 January 2013)
Text of the new Ley de Renovación y Modernización Turística de Canarias (1 November 2012)
My interview on Adeje Sur Radio about the illegal letting situation (25 October 2012)
Illegal letting prosecution figures announced (23 October 2012)
Important information for anyone fined for illegal letting who found out too late to appeal, and update on appeals themselves (22 September 2012)
British Embassy warns property owners to ensure they rent in line with Spanish law (6 August 2012)
Place in the Sun magazine article on illegal letting (18 July 2012)
Mail on Sunday article on illegal letting (1 July 2012)
Legal situation for “illegal letting” fines at end of first appeal to Government procedure (20 June 2012)
Alotca update on new tourism law draft (16 June 2012)
Alotca update on illegal letting meeting with Canarian Government viceconsejero de Turismo (8 June 2012)
Update on “illegal letting” asociación (ALOTCA) following committee meeting yesterday (29 March 2012)
Public meeting ALOTCA – minutes (15 March 2012)
Press release for Spanish media introducing illegal letting lobbying association – ALOTCA (15 March 2012)
Public meeting and “illegal letting” lobbying association announcement (5-14 March 2012)
Public meeting on illegal letting (26 November 2011-23 January 2012)
Illegal holiday-let inspections and fines situation (continued) (21 December 2011)
Illegal holiday-let inspections and fines situation (original post) (15 December 2010-15 December 2011)

If you have any questions, please do feel free to post them in the Q&A on Illegal Letting page HERE.