Santa Cruz food fair – Salon Gastronómico de Canarias 2020 cancelled until next year

Updated 22 June: And sadly, in the end, it has become a victim of the health emergency and has been cancelled this year. GastroCanarias 2021 will be held in the Recinto Ferial from 18-20 May next year.

Original post 13 March: It has been a great success in previous years, and the 7th Salon Gastronómico de Canarias will be held between 29 September and 1 October in the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz, on the left at the first main junction on the TF4, the road from the TF1 to the auditorium. The event was originally planned for May but has been postoned. Even though the fair is designed for professionals in the food industry, it is also open to the general public, and there’ll be 150 or so stands, with cookery demonstrations, equipment displays, interactive sessions, cocktail making workshops, ham cutting classes, wine tasting, etc.

Some 10,000 are expected to attend the event, about which there is more information on the Recinto Ferial’s website HERE. There is also a dedicated website for GastroCanarias generally HERE and Facebook HERE. There are some photos that I took at a previous Salon Gastronómico below: this food fair has everything from food trucks to top quality wines from the mainland made with grapes that were at one point almost extinct, and from cooking demonstrations and competitions to the occasional human-life-sized chicken … and if nothing else, they have paprika jam from Lanzarote that is sublime! THESE people know how to make jam!

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  1. Just been reading your comments about the Corona virus and the restrictions imposed by Spanish P.M.
    At last in in England i am reading some truthful facts rather than some of the fiction in t.v. and newspapers(some,not all)
    I’m a regular visitor to Puerto del a Cruz,next hopefully October,I hope the virus has all but disappeared then.

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