112-Canarias emergency hub – today’s guided tour shows we’re all in the very safest of hands

There will be much more to come on this over the next few days, but I can’t let today pass without expressing my thanks for and impressions of a guided tour today for English-language press of the 112 Canarias emergency control centre in Santa Cruz. I’ll have a write-up and photos in due course, and in particular news of an incredible and undoubtedly life-saving application for smartphones, tablets, etc., but for the moment, I would like to pave the way for those posts by saying that the technically top-notch and totally joined-up coordination behind the Canarian emergency services is something that can reassure us all, and put paid to any and all claims that Tenerife has a “third world infrastructure”.

The people involved in this service are incredible. They’re efficient, clued-up, zoned-in, focused, multi-lingual, and believe in their service. They have harrowing stories, of course, but they also have amazingly life-affirming ones, and their passion for what they do would reassure even the most cynical that when we call 112, we are in the very safest of hands. Apart from the regional and insular directors of 112 Canarias, I’d also like to thank Mary Suarez and Penny Gomez from the Consulate for liaising with the Cabildo in the organization of the tour. Above is just a group photo of the visit, but there are more specific and important images to come, and some great information too.


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