Bank holiday weekend for Día de la Hispanidad coming along with tail end of hurricane Joaquin

Many shops, banks and offices will be closed on Monday, 12 October for the celebration of Día de la Hispanidad, or Spain Day. The national public holiday commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus on 12 October 1492, something that has particular significance for Spain because it transformed the still developing modern nation into a world Imperial empire which lasted until 1898. The celebration takes place every 12 October, with a military parade in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón attended by the Royal Family and the most important members of state, including the Government and the majority of the Presidents of Spain’s autonomous regions.

With the bank holiday weekend, however, comes a weather warning as the tail end of dying hurricane Joaquin – now reduced to tropical storm level – turns back and heads west towards Spain. Whilst this will primarily affect the mainland, the forecast for the Canaries is that we’ll get some rain and wind from Saturday, but as of now no major weather is expected. Whatever we get, in any case, should start to disperse by the end of Monday. As always, there will almost certainly be developments in the forecast between now and then.

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