EU Transport Commission includes Tenerife in Transeuropean Transport Network

Update 30 May 2013: It has been announced that the EU has voted to include south Tenerife’s Reina Sofía airport and Santa Cruz port in the Transeuropean Transport Network. Much credit goes to Tenerife Vice President Carlos Alonso and the Tenerife Se Mueve movement. An excellent end to Día de Canarias in Tenerife!

Update 18 December 2012: The EU Transport Commission has approved the inclusion of Tenerife’s airport and port infrastructure into the Basic Transeuropean Network, which means that the island will now have “priority” when presenting projects for finance. The decision was made after almost three horus of voting, and places Santa Cruz as the principal port, along TFS Reina Sofia. The final vote on the project will be taken by the European Parliament early in 2013. Tenerife President Ricardo Melchior expressed his gratitude and said the decision was a giant step forwards for Tenerife.

Original post 8 October: The Tenerife Cabildo has asked the British community to help to get Tenerife included in the Red Transeuropea de Transportes (Transeuropean Transport Network). The campaign is being run by “Tenerife se Mueve”, a group of different institutions, business associations and local residents of Tenerife with a common interest in making the island the best destination possible for its tourists.

Tenerife se Mueve says:

If Tenerife is not included in the network, it will negatively impact the tourism industry and the reality of life here on the island for its visitors.  The island, as a holiday destination, will become more expensive due to the increase in the costs of services and products and the loss of thousand of jobs.

This would mean:

  • Increase in the price of airlines tickets.
  • Less direct flight connections to Tenerife.
  • Increase in the price cost of lodging.
  • Increase in the price of goods and services

Tenerife would miss out on a total of 50,000 million Euros of EU funds with the corresponding impact this would have on the development of existing infrastructures. Tenerife relays on its airports and ports to attract visitors to the island. We would have to wait until 2050 to have access to the funds necessary for continued development.

If we are included in the Trans-European Transport Network and have  access to these funds, the island would be able to improve its existing infrastructures thereby providing a better service to its tourists.

We kindly request your support for this initiative, by signing the petition attached. Your support is essential for achieving our goal of being included in the Trans-European Transport Network.

Together with your help, we can ensure that Tenerife becomes a better destination for the enjoyment of all.

There was some success last month when the European Parliament accepted amendments to the original proposal which would allow Tenerife to be included, but it seems 100,000 signatures are needed before June 2013 for it actually to form part of the network. You can either sign online by accessing the following or personally at any of the Cabildo Citizen’s Info Bureau offices (Oficina de Información al Ciudadano). You can find the nearest one to your home address here


  1. The Tenerife cabildo asking Brits for help to improve tourism ? They’ve been doing just that for years buying properties and renting out quality accomodation until the authorities decided it would act to prevent such action and throw owners into a financial abyss.
    It seems very unlikely the Brits will lift a finger to help.

  2. Author

    It would be very shortsighted not to help – it will bring a considerable amount of money into Tenerife, and benefit us all. More importantly, it will harm Tenerife if it is not included in this network. The Government would say that there’s more to tourism here than privately owned properties. They’d have a point. In any case, this is a request from the Tenerife Cabildo, not the Canarian Government. There’s a clear difference between the two, and the Cabildo has not been responsible for the illegal letting clampdown.

  3. I would have to agree with Anthony on this one. It seems a bit rich on the govt to seek help from the brits after so nastily attacking them over the renting. Many people are being made ill by the stress and worry of that janet, it is no small matter that we can forget and then move on when they want our help. As anthony has said, these people were helping the islands economy, you know that they were. Ok these people were breaking the law, but some warning to cease before the attack would have been reasonable. Thats normal in the uk. It is difficult for the brits to seperate the tourismo from the cabillo, as there has been no debate about the crackdown from anywhere else in the canarian government. We brits feel like no one in any part of the canarian government has any sympathy, even on a human suffering basis , to the renters.

  4. Author

    As I said, this request has not come from the Government. It has come from the Cabildo, a different thing.

  5. Oh dear, the ungrateful Brit attitude seems to be permeating the comments.

    The predictable: “Brits have been buying properties and renting out quality accommodation and thus improving tourism for years” attitude conveniently ignores the fact that if the Spanish government, Canarian Parliament and Tenerife Cabildo, hadn’t funded the construction of 2 airports and over 200km of motorways and axillary road networks, or spend millions developing beaches, precincts and promoting Tenerife as a tourist destination that your holiday apartment would a worthless piece of rubble in the middle of no-where!

    As Janet has said. To not sign would be short-sighted, nay… myopic in the extreme!

  6. What you seem to have missed is that only the port in Santa Cruz have been included not Los Rodeos and the port in Grenadilla

  7. Author

    As I say, the decision placed Santa Cruz as the principal port, along TFS Reina Sofia as the airport. Los Rodeos and Granadilla aren’t included.

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