Walk for Life 2012

Update 16 December: There are some lovely photos by Daniel L. Cetrulo of the event on THIS Facebook page. Clearly there was a superb turnout, and I’m told that €16,000 or so was raised on the day for breast cancer projects. A wonderful achievement.

It’s now an annual event that guarantees a good turnout, and since it’s in aid of the fight against breast cancer, it’s for one of the very best of causes. The 2012 Walk for Life is on Sunday 16 December at 11.00 am, just under 5 km starting from the Magma Centre and ending at the Plaza la Pescadora on the front in Los Cristianos. There’s more information on the carreraporlavida website HERE.


  1. I’ve been given the dates of 11th December and 16th December for the WALK. Are there 2 or are the dates wrong ?
    A quick reply would be good so I can tell my friends

  2. Author

    Just one. The “11” is the time, not the date. The walk is at 11am on the 16th. The official poster is at the top of this post, so you can see it’s definitely the 16th.

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