Saturday 15 August is a public holiday

Just a reminder that this Saturday, 15 August, is a public holiday for Asunción (Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven), the fiestas patronales for the whole island, and the focal point of the celebrations is the veneration of the Virgin in Candelaria itself. Sadly, this year, because of covid19, the famous fiestas patronales which include the Guanche re-enactment won’t be taking place, nor will the equally famous fireworks in Alcalá, a west-coast town which also enjoys having the Virgen de Candelaria as its patron saint – see posts HERE and HERE. Nonetheless, it’s a public holiday in Tenerife, and banks, many offices and shops which otherwise would be opened will be closed. For a full list of 2020′s other public holidays, please see HERE.

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