Arona police close “classic English pub” for illegal gambling

Update 24 March: The address is now being given as a “restaurant in the CC Joseba, paseo de Aquilino” in Los Cristianos. The bar seems not to have been closed, but police say they have stopped betting taking place and have identified six people, all British, involved in gambling at the time: five were tourists and one is said to be the person in charge of the betting activity. The bar’s owner, also British, is reported as saying that he was not directly involved but turned a blind eye because it increased customers. Details, together with evidence seized (betting slips, an “odds board”, and the like) have now been passed to the Canarian Government’s Betting and Gambling Inspection department.

Update 23 March: Local reports say that the first bar to be closed, which an employee on Facebook identified as the Highlander in Parque de la Paz (Playa de las Américas), has now reopened, but now Diario de Avisos is reporting that Arona policia local closed another “gambling bar” only yesterday. The paper says that this second establishment took illegal bets on horse races and other sports, and that both closures are part of a municipal offensive to avoid tourists being “unduly affected” by the “irregularities” caused by such crime.

Police have not named the bar, but said that it has been cordoned off and is in a commercial centre in Avenida Londres, Los Cristianos, the dual carriageway that runs from El Mirador down past Victoria Court to the CC Bahia. They added that they disturbed betting taking place and seized €1,000; one of those present was carrying no documentation and so was handed over to the national police.

Original post 4 March; Arona Policía Local have confirmed a report in today’s Diario de Avisos that they have closed an illegal betting shop in the municipality. The shop took bets on horse races, and during the raid, some €2,000 was seized: police say that they think the business moves around €10,000 daily. Police say that the owner of the property had ignored repeated warnings because betting activity was a good sideline to his official business, which is a “classic English pub”. Police say that given other irregularities, the amount of fines likely to be imposed will probably mean that the business has to close.



  1. Author

    Thanks Nigel, I don’t get out much! 😀

  2. Hi Janet
    The highlander has reopened.The below statement was posted on there Facebook page.

    After being closed from Monday 3rd March, we are very pleased to announce we have now opened again from today Tuesday 11th March, business as usual, sorry for the inconvenience caused to residents, tourists and regulars alike

  3. The pub was still closed 3 days after with white police stickers and official stamps covering ever door opening when we walked past so the person who aggressively commented on Janet’s Facebook and said he/she worked there and it would be opened the next day was way off the mark.This was seen years ago with the Aberdeen Angus steak chain which was closed by the police and were months before they reopened.These door seals cannot be broken even to get personal belongings back without severe penalties.

  4. Author

    Seems to be the Highlander in Las Américas, from the reaction on Facebook of someone who worked there.

  5. I have been in bars when the police have raided and taken films they also take your passports and you lose a day getting them back just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time if people want a flutter on the football or horses then why not the people who take the bets are the ones who stand to lose (but not when I bet it me who loses) we the public chose to place a bet and are not harming or robbing people not like some of the touts are here. Keep us informed Janet which bar it was.

  6. Which ever Bar this turns out to be. We can only feel sorry for them but if they have been warned they should have taken notice. We had simular problems when we had a Bar.we were visited by the Police and Council officials on a regular basis.our problems were just quizzes and Bingo and not horse racing.
    Janet you do a grand job and I really appreciate all the insight you give us all.keep up the good work. LAURIE

  7. Just spoken to Servicio technico beer suppliers who have confirmed the highlander bar behind the safari shopping centre was the property raided.

  8. Author

    There is no official statement, I’m afraid, on which bar this is, and the only thing I can say is that it is within Arona.

  9. Hi Janet
    Do you know which bar and which area this was ?

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