1st Festival Jazz Roja – Red Mountain Jazz Festival – May 2014 in El Médano

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced the first “Jazz Roja – Red Mountain Jazz Festival”, a festival of Jazz, Blues, Soul and other genres, which will take place in El Médano (Granadilla de Abona) between 12 and 18 May 2014.

The event is organized by Qfm 94.3 (Asociación Cultural para la Difusión de las Artes y las Músicas de Canarias), ASEC (Business Association of El Médano) and Granadilla Town Hall (Buisness Development Agency), with support from the Granadilla Town Hall Culture Council, Be Flat Foundation, AMAE (Music and Arts Academy), Canarian Promusic Association, and Radio Geneto 107,5FM.

The festival will consist of 58 musicians, all residents of the Canary Islands, participating in 15 free entry concerts.


Between the 12th and the 18th of May 2014, the streets and plazas of El Médano will come alive with the sounds of Jazz, Blues and Soul as the 1st edition of Jazz Roja – The Red Mountain Jazz Festival, takes place with over 50 musicians performing in 15 different free entry concerts. This initiative is aimed at promoting the rich musical diversity of the Canary Islands, and also highlighting El Médano as a sophisticated, cosmopolitan destination which can compete with any other in Europe. The Red Mountain Jazz Festival (Festival Jazz Roja in Spanish) consists of three parts, the Ruta de Jazz, between the 12th and the 16th of May, where free entry concerts will take place throughout El Médano`s bars, terraces and restaurants. On the 17th, 7pm until 1am, there will be a free entry open air Jazz and Blues festival on the Plaza Roja, with five different groups, followed by an After Jazz Party at Bar Goiter until the early hours. On the 18th, the Festival Jazz Roja will come to a close with an open Jam session from 7pm and 11pm.

The festival was conceived by Qfm 94.3 and El Médano’s business association, ASEC.  Qfm was founded in El Médano in 2005, and is Spain’s only Radio station which is fully dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Soul, Ethnic and other non-mainstream musical genres. In 2008, the station became the Canary Island’s Nº1 broadcaster online, with over 500,000 listeners each month, and in 2014, Qfm still leads the market. In 2010, Qfm founded The Asociación Cultural para la Difusión de las Artes y las Músicas de Canarias, registered with the Gobierno de Canarias (G1/S1/16504-10/TF), and remains dedicated to actively promoting independent artists from the Canary Islands and the international music community. Through many years of supporting independent musicians, mainly on the Jazz scene, Qfm is in contact with several hundred artists worldwide.

ASEC El Médano is one of Tenerife’s most dynamic business associations, each and every year it organizes hugely successful events such as The Dorada Festival and Noche de Fuego. The association has over eighty members, and it is aiming to convert El Médano into the Jazz Capital of Tenerife, assisting the local economy and give its determined and skilled entrepreneurs much needed opportunities.

Finally, it is worth noting that part of the revenue generated by this 1st edition of Jazz Roja will be donated to CARITAS, a non-profit organization based in Granadilla de Abona (El Médano’s municipality). CARITAS work tirelessly to give essential aid to families and individuals who are in need of food, clothing and basic essentials. Although Spain’s political leaders are trying to convince us that the economic crisis is now over, one visit to the CARITAS center in Granadilla reveals a very different story. So it was decided that Jazz Roja, in addition to promoting local music and invigorating the local economy, should also serve a role in helping those in genuine need.


(All concerts are free entry)

12th May 8:00PM: Vera & Joy (Jazz Vocal) Bar Magma, El Médano.

13th May 8:00PM: Jonay Martín Quartet (Jazz) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano.

14th May 8:30PM: Charly Daicz Quartet (Flamenco Jazz, World Jazz) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano.

14th May 11:00PM: Free Quartet (Latin-Jazz-Funk) Bar Goiter, El Médano

15th May 9:30PM: Con-Fusión Quartet & Elmar(Jazz-Funk, Fusión), Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano.

15th May 11:00PM: Magnumar Brazilian Funk Quartet (Brazilian Jazz Funk) Bar Goiter, El Médano

16th May 9:30PM: David Minguillón Quartet (Jazz, Jazz Fusión) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano.

16th May 11:00PM: Abraxas Trío (Latin-Jazz-Fusión) Bar Jeip, El Médano.

17th May, Plaza Roja 6:00PM: Groovy Groove Quartet (Smooth Jazz)

17th May, Plaza Roja 7:30PM: Anna Rodriguez & Eliseo Lloreda Face Quartet (Jazz, Blues, Motown, Funk)

17th May, Plaza Roja 8:40PM: Qfm Sunset Session with DJ Pablo Amador

17th May, Plaza Roja 9:00PM: Liqueur de Feeling Quintet ft. Marianne Robiou (Swing, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossanova)

17th May, Plaza Roja 10:30PM: Cotton Blues (Blues, Blues-Jazz, Blues-Rock)

17th May, Plaza Roja 12:00PM: Fermin Rivero Quintet & Guest Charly Daicz (Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Flamenco-Jazz-Rock)

17th May, Pub Goiter 01:00AM: (+1) After Jazz Party with DJ Pablo Amador

18th May, Pub Goiter 19:00H: Open Jam Session & Jazz Roja Closing Party










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