“1st Tenerife” cub pack and scouts group – Tenerife has scouts at last!

Update 11 June: Steve and Leisel say that they have now had written permission to open the scout group, and have arranged an open evening for all children and parents that are interested on Tuesday 24 June from 5.30 to 7.30pm at Silencio Church Hall, Coral Mar Square. They will be starting pack nights from 1st July. The email address for further information is 1st.tenerifescoutgroup@gmail.com.

Original post 29 May: I’m sure that many will be delighted that there is now a cub pack and scouts group in Tenerife. The new “1st Tenerife” has been certified by Alfonso Sanchez, District Commissioner for the France & Iberia District of British Scouting Overseas, belonging to the Scouting Association UK, and organizers Steve Hardy and Leisel Thomas are currently looking around for possible venues. There will soon also be a Facebook page for the group for regular updates, information and interaction.

Steve and Leisel are accredited, CRBed and trained to the UK standards for Scouting Leadership, obtaining the elite Wood Badge Award. The group that is being started in Tenerife is not on its own but has behind it a large organization backed by the BSO which comprises some 2,500 members around the world. The BSO, and so the new Tenerife group, runs on the British Scouting system and its methodology, statutes, policies and rules.

Steve and Leisel say that “there is a lot of work to be done as this will be a brand new group for the youths of Tenerife, which will require some generous people to help us get set up”. Good luck to them, I hope it’s a great success for all concerned.


  1. Author

    Send them an email, their address is in the first paragraph above.

  2. I’ve just moved to Tenerife and my sons interested in joining

  3. Any 1st scouts coming to Canada for the jamboree next week?

  4. Hi Steve I have lost your e-mail address. I have a friend who needs a new kitchen and is going back to England in June. His wife has Alzamas ànd he wants her away when workmen are in. Any chance you can give him a quote please. His number is 674256757.or e.mail me at jim47wat@aol.com

  5. Author

    I’m sorry I don’t have it. You could try sending an email to the address in the post above.

  6. I️ have lost steve telephone number,Can you email me with it please

  7. Congratulations on getting sett up so quickly Leisel and Steve! Looking forward to meeting you in due course. Best wishes for your first Cub meeting next week. I am sure you will go from strength to strength!

    Happy Scouting!

    Deputy DC
    France & Iberia District

  8. Thats great my mum and dad live there and I have been trying to found a group for years to swap with great news

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