2009 officially an “excellent” harvest for Ycoden Daute Isora wine

2009 was an excellent harvest for Ycoden Daute Isora wine. The Regulatory Council of the Denominación de Origen for wine from the west and north west of Tenerife ratified the official wine-tasting verdict in its last full council meeting. It is now officially an “excellent” year. The best wines will be the whites, it seems, which are produced from the marmajuelo, gual, malvasía blanca and verdell grape varieties. The reds, though, from the negramoll, tintilla and baboso negro grapes will also be worth stocking up on! Time perhaps to visit a bodgea in the area, like THIS one. C24H

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  1. Great news. I was told this week that the fruit harvest will be bad, and was worried that would affect wine!

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