2015 forest fire defence preparations have started, and will again include a water plane

(photo: Gobierno de Canarias)

The Canarian Government has announced it is starting its preparations for summer fire defences. The campaign proper starts on 15 June. The announcement was made at an INFOCA coordination commission held today; as the image above  shows, this involved the Canarian Government, the island Cabildos and the national Spanish administration. INFOCA – the initials stand for Plan de Protección Civil por Riesgo de Incendios Forestales – has confirmed that the Canaries will have over 1,300 specialists in forest fire fighting, and these will be supplemented at need by bomberos and Protección Civil teams.

As air controls, we will have the Canarian Government’s five GES helicopters, the Tenerife Cabildo’s helicopter, and, from the national government, two air transporters based in La Palma and a Kamov based in Tenerife. Finally,  to general relief, there is confirmation that we will again have a water plane based in La Gomera.


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