20th Las Galletas Half Marathon 3 April 2016

photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 30 March: With the race taking place this weekend, organizers have advised of the usual traffic disruption and road closures on both Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd, the day of the race itself. The restrictions are detailed in the following pictures: the first shows the area closed to traffic from 6am Saturday until the event finishes on Sunday; the second shows the TF66, TF652 and TF653 which will be closed in their entirety from 8.30am on Sunday. There will also be widespread parking restrictions around the Tenbel area. More information is available from the SAC on 010 (in Arona) or 922 761 600 for those outside the municipality, or from the Policía Local on 092 or 922 725 562. The council apologises for any inconvenience and asks the public for their usual cooperation with the restrictions, and any instructions issued by the Policía Local and Protección Civil.

maraton 2

maraton 1

Original post 1 February: It’s an annual event of considerable fame these days, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Las Galletas half marathon and 10.8 km races, with organizers saying that they’d like to mark the occasion by reaching 1,500 runners. Inscription opens today and lasts until 28 March, and runners can register either through the official website HERE, or in the Los Cristianos sports stadium, Guzmán Sport (La Laguna), or Mundi Sport (Puerto de la Cruz). The races are being run on Sunday, 3 April. Inscriptions before 20 March for the 10,8 kilómetros will cost €10 for federated runners or €13 for others, the cost rising to €17 and €20 for those who register in the final week; for the half marathon, registration will cost €15 and €18 respectively, rising to €22 and €25 for the final week.


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