21st Las Galletas Half Marathon this Sunday, 2 April 2017

21st Las Galletas Half Marathon this Sunday, 2 April 2017

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 2 April: Arona Ayuntamiento says that around 1,000 runners took part in this morning’s half marathon/10km race in Las Galletas. The winners are as follows, though many will consider their participation itself to be a victory, and completing the course the icing on the cake! Well done to them all!

10,8 Km. Men
1.- Antonio Manuel González (00:36:10)
2.- Ubay Báez Barroso (00:36:38)
3.- José David González (00:36:44)

21 Km Men
1.- Samir AIT Bouychamane, 1:07:26,
2.- Youness AIT Hadi (1:08:12)
3.- Manuel Hurtado Sanjurjo (1:08:55)

10,8 Km. Women
1.- Delioma González Hernández (00:39:04)
2.- Verónica Reverón Méndez (00:45:55)
3.- Ana Bollón Sabín (00:46:24)

21 Km. Women
1.- Aroa Merino Betancor 1:15:58
2.- Zanthe Wray (1:25:39)
3.- Laura Van Den Beucken (1:26:41)

Updated 1 April: Runners taking part in tomorrow’s Las Galletas half marathon can pick up their runners’ numbers and participants packs from this morning. Good luck to all who will be taking part in what is likely to be a warm one, given the calima that blew in last night! For those who would like to see the race but who cannot be here in person, organizers have set up THIS youtube channel where the race will be broadcast live.

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento

Updated 29 March: Just a reminder that the Las Galletas half marathon is this Sunday, and the usual road restrictions will be in place. These will apply to the TF-66, TF-653 and TF-652 between 8.30 and 11.30am.

Original post 3 February: The annual Las Galletas half marathon (21km) and 10.5 km races will take place on Sunday, 2 April. Inscription for this year’s runners opens today, with participants able to register online HERE. The entry fees are €18 and €13 for the half marathon and 10.5 respectively. The event’s official website is HERE.


  1. Please keep me updated on this race for next year, sadly I missed it yesterday and would liked to of taken part…

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    I’m afraid that I can’t undertake individual updates. Please follow me on twitter or Facebook to see all my posts if you need automatic updates, or periodically check the What’s On Diary (links in the right hand sidebar and in the boxes on the homepage below the main photo).

  3. Geez I also missed this one! I guess I should have followed you on Twitter earlier

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