Catamaran Bonadea II films orca pod between Tenerife and La Gomera


Tenerife’s orcas have hit the headlines this week not in Loro Parque, but in their natural environment. The papers and Facebook are full of the video taken from the catamaran Bonadea II of a large pod of the so-called killer whales in the waters between the west coast of Tenerife and La Gomera – the tourists who went out to see the normal dolphins and pilot whales got an unforgettable orca show that could never be replicated in a theme park. The video says it all.


  1. No it doesn’t matter but…..correct..please do not advertise on the back of other people..!

  2. Not that it really matters….but…..this was not shot from Bonadea II……I know Bonadea II intimately ;my first year in Tenerife I spent 8 months on that boat with Captain Juan and Mechanic Carlos ….Bonadea II is a catamaran with sail mast and 2 subaquatic ooutboard motors.The boat in this clip has a single central outboard motor ,and there are no cables visible where there would be on BonadeaII….just saying !

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