25 self-employed jobs lost every day in the Canaries throughout first seven months of 2009

Despite three months of falling unemployment as posted HERE, the economic crisis has hit the self-employed in the Canaries hardest of all, with the loss of 25 self-employed jobs every day during the first seven months of 2009. In this period, 5,026 such individuals have been forced onto the dole in the islands to seek unemployment benefit.

The archipelago, along with Valencia, is the front-running region nationally for self-employed job losses, and is expected to end the year with the dubious honour of being the area of Spain most adversely affected by the crisis. The main problems facing the region are the bursting of the property market bubble and the collapse of tourism. Nevertheless, a slow recovery is expected to start throughout 2010, though it could well be 2011 before its effects become apparent. Canarias7 (Self-employed job losses), Canarias7 (most affected area).

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