Locals help owl accident victim in Armeñíme

One hears so much sometimes from expatriates about “Spanish cruelty” or “indifference” to animals, it’s good occasionally to see proof of the opposite, and to realize it can be a case of different priorities and cultural expectations.

A little eagle owl, perhaps from the Jungle Park, was the victim of an accident and the recipient of great kindness over the weekend in Armeñime, just off the current end of the TF1 at Adeje. It seems that the owl had stunned itself after flying into the wing mirror of a car driving along the TF47 Armeñime to Los Gigantes road. Seeing the bird lying dazed on the road surface after the impact, locals rushed to stop it being run over, and scooped it up and delivered it to the Guardia Civil in Playa de Las Américas.

The lucky owl has now been handed over to Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Service. They will let the little survivor fly free once it has fully recovered from the incident. As one regional paper says, let’s hope that it will fly at a greater altitude in the future so that it doesn’t get into this sort of trouble again! C24H


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